NEETaku Rants: Kodomo no Jikan

After spending a week or so taking about my favorite anime of all time, it only makes sense to talk about what I deem to be the worst anime I’ve ever seen. And without a moment’s hesitation, I can say that Kodomo no Jikan is the most putrid, disturbing, horrendous, nausea inducing anime I’ve ever had the displeasure of coming across. And that’s me being nice!!! 


When I was first told about this show I honestly thought the person was pulling my leg. I mean, a show that has a 9-year-old nymphomaniac, a 9-year-old lesbian and a 9-year-old with B cup breasts? I can’t be the only one who’d think such a show could exist. But, lo and behold, it does and it’s just as bad as you think. The anime conveniently begins with Daisuke Aoki, a teacher, walking into his classroom to find a bunch of children getting undressed. One of those kids, Kokonoe, develops a crush on the guy and spends the entire length of the anime/manga trying to seduce him.

That’s right, I said seduce the guy. Literally in the first scene they share alone Kokonoe pulls down her panties and threatens to have Aoki imprisoned for rape. WHAT… THE… HECK?! And it doesn’t stop the folks. Oh no no no no…. NO! Things only get more obscene from that moment on. Like the time she rode Aoki’s lap until he got an erection. Or the time she emailed sexual images of herself to the guy. OR the time she gave oral to a cow’s udder.

Yeah...This happens...
Yeah…This happens…

It’s like the show’s creator took the most raunchy, horny, uninhibited character they could think of and jammed them inside of an elementary student. It also doesn’t help that Kokonoe’s friend Kuro is not only as big a sexual deviant as she is, Kuro also has a huge crush on her to the point fantasizing about doing things to Kokonoe. I’m fully aware that some kids both develop and get exposed to things a lot faster than others, but these chicks act as if they were raised in a full-blown brothel!

The only normal one out of this trio of horrificness is Mimi, who actually acts like a normal 9-year-old. A 9 year old…that has a rack. Oh…how I WISH I could be making this stuff up! The author truly did put B cup breasts onto Mimi and she spends most of her time having them assaulted by Kokonoe. It gets to the point that Mimi actually breastfeeds Kokonoe in order to cheer her up!

Now, as insane as it might sound, there is a method to author Kaworu Watashiya’s madness. Kodomo no Jikan is classified as a romantic drama and she does give Kokonoe a tragic past. Her father left when her mother was pregnant with her, and Kokonoe would then go into a mute stupor after her mother dies of cancer when she is five. Couple that with a sick in the head cousin who wants to bone her when she is old enough, and you can sort of see how she became the monster she is.

Kokonoe also displays a sense of justice on certain occasions. One such occasion involves her tormenting her class’s former teacher until he quits after the guy mocked Mimi to the point she stays home for months. Then there was the time she used herself as bait to get the school’s principal fired when she finds out he’s a pedophile.

All of this notwithstanding, find myself having little sympathy or empathy for Kokonoe. Call me heartless of you want, there have been multiple characters in the past who’ve had messed up childhoods and they never turned into the town tart. Her horrific early life does not justify her actions in the slightest, especially when she shows no remorse for them.

The fact that this exists causes my faith in humanity to waver
The fact that this exists causes my faith in humanity to waver

Now, fans of this series would cry foul about all of the disdain I’ve shown for this anime thus far, most likely citing cultural differences as a reason for hating/misunderstanding the show . And they’d be very, very wrong. Even its country of origin Japan has condemned Kodomo no Jikan for its  content. Multiple stations pulled the anime from its broadcasts during the show’s original run, and the ones that didn’t out right pull the plug heavily censored it.

Even black bars weren't enough for this show
Even black bars weren’t enough for this show

Could Kodomo no Jikan have been a decent romcom drama? Maybe….on paper  As much as I’ve railed on this anime, there are a few bright spots that lead me to belive something good could have come from this story. However, said bright spots are heavily eclipsed by the fact the show is about a 9-year-old trying to get into her teacher’s pants. As it stands, Kodomo no Jikan is an immoral schlock fest that should have never been greenlighted. If you disagree with me, I welcome your comments on the subject down below. Because as you know, this is Just….My 2 Cents.

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  1. I heard about this series. I am not interest in seeing the shows or manga. It reminds me of the other series Kissxsis. I heard that Project-H is thinking about getting the rights to license the manga.

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