Free Spirit Award! : Anime Do’s and Don’ts


First and foremost, I want to thank Ignite18 for nominating me for this award, which is pretty sweet given I’ve only been a blogger for a couple of months now. Be sure to check out their blog for some thought-provoking posts at Now, on to the topic assigned to me: Anime Do’s and Don’ts.

If you haven’t already, take a gander at my post on ” What Makes A Good Anime?“. It’ll help give you an idea of what I expect of anime in general regardless of genre. Any who, onto the list!

Wish someone had told me that ages ago…

Anime Do’s

  1. Be Original! Imitation is not flattery, it’s lazy. No one likes a copycat

2. Create a world the viewer would want to get lost in

3. Use filler properly. A break in the action is fine as long it doesn’t last long

4. Know what style of show you’re trying to make. Randomly swapping tones is rather annoying to fans.

5. Keep the viewer invested in the show. We fans are easily distracted. :3

6. Make sure the BGM matches what’s on-screen. The right song can make or break a scene

7. Stay behind the currently running manga. We fans are impatient. We will come after you if you make us wait too long. And trust me…we will find you.

how-anime-looks-when-im-alone-memeAnime Don’ts

  1. Bland characters are evil. No one likes watching a block of wood

2. Don’t fill your show with boobs and expect us to take it serious. You will be greatly disappointed

3. If you’re gonna start it, finish it! Cliffhangers are like The Plague: Avoid them at all costs!

4. All fans aren’t basement dwelling otakus. Treat us like we have a brain.

5. Never put subtitles all the way at the bottom. Rewinding a scene takes too much time

6. Resolve your romances!! PLEASE!!

7. Generic J-Pop is boring. Never use it for openings/endings.

Yes I do...Yes..I...Do
Yes I do…Yes..I…Do

A shorter post this time around. Be sure to let me know whether you agree, disagree or want to add to the lists above. I always welcome comments as it promotes discussion and the sharing of different points of views. And as always, this is Just…My 2 Cents. Thanks for Reading!!!

4 thoughts on “Free Spirit Award! : Anime Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Hi. Nice do’s and don’ts. I agree with the ” Use filler properly.”

    Anyways, this may come off as an awkward comment because this is the first time I am commenting onto your blog since we started following each other.

    I think you know that I am a writer at UnimeTV. I’m writing this as a favor to the Captain (team leader). He sent an email to you asking for an interview to be part of our staff. He is curious if you’ve seen the email or still interested in the position.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


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