Top 6 Anime Openings

Sorry for the delay guys. Just started a new job and got a bit side tracked. But, things have settled down and I’m considering setting up a posting actually schedule of sorts to make things more organized. Be in the lookout for that.

Before I get to my list, some of you may be wondering why I chose 6 as my cutoff. The answer is simple: Have you ever even cared about 10-7 when it comes to top ten lists? No one really does! Most just skip to the top 5 to see who got that ranking. So, think of the #6 spot as the “Honorable Mention” position. With that being said, let’s get the countdown rolling!!

Number 6: Dragon Ball Z-Rock The Dragon

You have no pulse if you don’t get hyped from listening to this opening. Everything about shounen anime created in the 80s/90s can be summed up in this one song. This is the opening that future action shows should aspire to be like. Nothing more to say but… ROCK THE DRAGON!

Number 5: Candidate for Goddess-Kibou No Hoshi O Mezashite

Most people may not even remember this show, which is a shame, and many remember the opening even less. The uniqueness of this opening of what makes it so good. It’s nice to not hear some generic rock or pop song playing over visuals and instead have a full blown orchestra play us into the show. Definitely one that should get more attention.

Number 4: Gundan Build Fighters-One Half

Already talked about this one in my favorite anime of all time list so there’s not much to add. Just sit back and listen to its old schoolish goodness.

Number 3: Cowboy Bebop – Tank

Similar to Candidate for Goddess as it took the non traditional route of having an instrumental style opening rather than some random J-Pop. And while the TV version of enough to get your feet tapping, you have to listen to the full version in order to enjoy one of the craziest saxophone solos EVAH!! Definitely a must listen whichever route you choose.

Number 2: Working! – Someone Else/Coolish Walk

Now, some might call this “cheating”, but for those who have seen the series you know that these are probably the catchiest openings ever created EVER!! They are like DuckTales times bazillion! You will literally be humming these tunes the entire day once you’ve given them a listen. The lyrics, the musical accompaniment, everything about these tracks just pop! And I’ll reiterate it again and again: THEY WILL NEVER LEAVE YOUR HEAD! XD

And the number one Anime Opening Theme is:

Number 1: Hajime no Ippo – Hekireki

The main quality an opening theme should have is getting you hyped for the show you are watching. And Hekireki from Hajime no Ippo does that and more. The very moment that first guitar strum hits your ears you know you’re in for a ride. It’s like the song’s writer took the best parts of 90s rock and 80s stadium rock and mashed them together to create a heart pumping rollercoaster that mimics the action of the anime perfectly. Nothing more to say except enjoy to your heart’s content.

And as with everything I write, this is Just… My 2 Cents.

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