NEETaku’s Christmas Wish

Merry Christmas to everyone!


Even though old St. Nick has parked his sleigh for the next 365 days (next year’s a leap year), there’s still one wish I hope he has time for: Bring back for old Toonami!

Now, before you get all crazy and accuse me of looking through rose colored lenses, just hear me out on this. I’m not saying that the current Toonami is bad. In fact, it’s actually a bit better than the original. The selection of anime shown every weekend is a splendid mixture of old classics and new instant classics. So, what exactly is my problem with Toonami 2.0? Put simply, there’s not enough of it.

You’d Better WATCH OUT!!

Any child growing up in the mid 90s to the early 2000s should remember hurrying home every weekday to catch the latest episode of their favorite Toonami show, the payoff for having to sit through boring lectures about plant life and the Constitution. So, when I heard that Toonami was making a comeback, the middle schooler in my jumped for joy. Little did I know that it would take on the original Adult Swim format and only be a weekend event. Therein lies the problem. It’s doing Toonami-ish things, but it’s not all there.


One of the best parts of that Monday through Friday block of anime and cartoons was that we got 5 episodes to view before we had to sit and wait for the next one. It made the tiny dry spell that was the weekend more bearable. Now we have to wait an entire week before we can find out what happens next in One Piece or Michiko to Hatchin. And given the microwave society that we live in today, that really doesn’t make any sense.

Now, some may argue that if it were to return to it’s original viewing pattern the more mature rated shows that are currently airing wouldn’t be able to be shown. To that I say just make nightly thing. I mean come on, are there people out there that would really be that ticked off of King of the Hill wasn’t airing anymore? Even if the Monday through Friday thing can’t be done more, make it a Monday, Wednesday and Friday type deal. The point is this once a week setup just doesn’t fly, at least with me anyways.


So, Mr Kringle, if you can find it in your heart to grant lil ol me this one last Christmas wish, I’d really appreciate it.

Enjoy your Christmas presents and all the food that has been prepared guys. And always remember this is Just… My 2 Cents.

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