NEETaku Rants: Can We Give The Ladies A Little Love?

Look, while I’m not a full blown Femi-Nazi who turns the small instance of sexism into a full blown sex war, I have noticed the representation of the fairer gender has taken a turn for the worse as of late.Not that females in anime haven’t been exploited to the umpteenth degree before(just look at how Bulma is treated in Dragon Ball). But given how many well done protagonists there have been in the history of the industry, even the staunchest , basement dwelling otakus have to admit they have been getting the shaft recently, no pun intended.

I ain’t the lady to mess with!

The spark for this sudden uprising of Girl Power came when I started watching Haikyuu again. Given the reactions of the characters throughout the series, it’s not hard to understand that subtlety is not one of its selling points. However, the first time we are introduced to the female manager Shimizu, this is how it’s done:

We don’t even get a shot of her face until after 10 seconds of T&A. And while I haven’t watched the entire series yet, she doesn’t seem like the usual ditzy manager that you see in most sports anime. So color me surprised they decided to show her this way for the first time.

This isn’t the first time this has occurred, of course. In No Game, No Life this is how they decided to introduce Shiro, one of the protagonists of the show:

She’s eleven, by the way…

Explain to me how we are supposed to take these characters seriously when you defecate on their personality the moment they show up on screen? It’s next to impossible to do so after such an intro.

Now, some may argue, and rightfully so, that a few instances of fanservice doesn’t fully take away from the character the creators are trying to portray. And in some instances they are absolutely right. But, then there’s the case of Yoko from the series Gurren Lagann. Ask yourselves this question: When you picture in your head, do you see her as:

Strong, brave and Independent

Or, do you simply see her as:

Some silly pop idol?

Most people will say the latter as Madhouse has taken this excellent anime character and stripped her of everything that made her wonderful just to appease the male demographic. Even within the show she’s the recipient of most the fanservice scenes, which makes absolutely no sense given the immense amount of development she’s given over time.

One only need look to a Michiko Malandro or a Revy from Black Lagoon to see that females in anime can both have a brain and sex appeal. There doesn’t need to be a separation of the two. Heck, even the girls in Sailor Moon were treated with more respect in their day and that was during a time where stereotyping ran rampant in all sorts of media! I don’t know when this trend of demeaning the fairer sex started, but it needs to be cut off at the head before it gets worse than it already is.

Am I making a mountain out of a mole hill? Is this sort of thing not as common as I’m making it out to be? Leave a comment down below to share your views on the subject. Because as you all know, this is Just… My 2 Cents!


7 thoughts on “NEETaku Rants: Can We Give The Ladies A Little Love?

  1. I think for me, I’m accepting of fanservice IF I can see a good reason for it and IF it’s the characters are owning it rather than the camera. Take Michiko Malandro since you’ve already mentioned her and she makes for such a great example – she’s a beautiful, confident woman and she knows it, and her sexuality is a major part of her character that she’s constantly taking advantage of. So she wears all these revealing clothes as a purposeful choice, which makes perfect sense given her personality (not to mention the setting/climate). They’re a natural part of who she is as a person. Yet the camera never, or very rarely, chooses to focus exclusively on her breasts by zooming in on them – and when it does, there’s a definite reason beyond “and let’s show these off for the male members of the audience now.” Anyway, I don’t think you’re making a mountain out of a molehill – these are issues which can and should be discussed, and which affect the anime industry very heavily, so good on you for writing about it. 🙂

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    • Thank you so much for your comment. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Michiko is the perfect example of how you mix sexuality and personality at the same time. If you have time, you could take a look at my post on fanservice to see my opinion on it.


  2. I’m a huge anime fan and I will defend anime with all my might, but I also consider myself a feminist and I can’t help but agree with what you said in this post. I don’t mind fan service all that much, but sometimes I can’t help but feel offended for my sex especially when female characters are too sexualized. I don’t need big boobies to enjoy a series but I’m a woman so I don’t know about others.

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    • Hey, I’m a guy and even don’t care all that much for big boobs. I get that anime is first tailored for the Japanese audience, but this archaic idea of using female characters to get guys off has gotten old.

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      • That’s a relief. But it seems that the creators of these series still have the notion that female characters need to have big boobies and showing panty shots every few seconds. They’re still following the “sex sells” way of marketing, it seems. I agree that it’s gotten old. They should focus more on the quality of story and character development, but since anime and manga are such visual media that creators tend to use the well-treaded path of overly-sexualized female characters in lieu of solid characterization.

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      • What’s funny is that it’s gotten so bad that men would rather hold themselves up in their rooms and dedicate their lives to a virtual girl than a real one. And yet anime companies still focus on the “sex sells” way of marketing. They, along with businesses overworking employees, are the cause for the birthrate decline and yet they still won’t change their ways.

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      • Can’t help but groan. I want to deny but unfortunately, there’s a lot of truth in that. We can’t say for certain that all of these are caused by the overly-sexualized portrayals of female anime characters but if you look at the trend of virtual lovers in Japan and the fast declining of birthrate, we can’t deny that there’s a truth in that theory. I’m a bit pleased that there are a lot of bad-ass and strong female characters in anime, but unfortunately a lot of them have big boobies. Just look at Fairy Tail and ONE PIECE. I love these two series and they’re favourites of mine, but man, their boobs are bigger than their heads.


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