NEETaku Rants:Why Do Some Anime Get More Than One Season & Others Don’t?

Not having Internet access SUCKS MAJOR BALLS!!! I had planned on putting out tons of posts to make up for a different sudden hiatus, and then that crap happened. So, needless to say, I’m SUPER NETTLED right now. So, what better what to get back into the swing of things and get out some of this rage than to put out a rant about something that has annoyed me for ages!!!


For as long as I’ve been watching anime there have been series that I wish lasted longer, and series I wish would just end! Just in the last couple of years I’ve come across 2 series, Accel World & Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, who’s plot and characters were some of the best I’ve seen in quite some time. But, just when I was starting to get into things, they were off the air. Poof! A flash in the pan. I was especially pissed that Gargantia only got 13 episodes because 2 of them were totally wasted on a worthless “beach” episode and underage belly dancing!!


Now some might say ” Well, maybe they weren’t that popular”, or ” Maybe the plot didn’t warrant more episodes”. You people would have valid points IF  a show like Ikki Tousen didn’t get 4 flippin’ seasons  plus a friggin’ OAV. Yeah, a series who’s only selling point is school girls fighting in tissue paper clothing was able to get over 30+ episodes over the past decade!!  I mean…I just….Duh…Guh…RRAAGGGRHRHH!!!


Ok…Ok…I’m cool now. But seriously, it just boggles my mind that a show like Ikki Tousen was thought to deserve more screen time than  a great anime like Accel World. Even if you were to take into account Japan’s penchant for lusting after panty shots and breasts, the majority of ecchi shows rarely see a second season, let alone 4! And it’s not just Ikki Tousen either. Shows like Nisekoi, Food Wars and KissxSis have all gotten multiple television runs. What exactly do these anime producing companies think about when they choose which shows deserve multiple seasons and which ones don’t? Is it just merely about making money rather than putting out shows that are actually entertaining? I really want to know cause even now I’m still yearning to see another 13 eps of Accel World. Come on, Japan!! Give me what I want for once!!

I MEAN COME ON!! Did THIS REALLY deserve 4 seasons and an OAV?!!

Short post is short. Just getting back into the swing things, so I’m gonna end things here. Let me know what you think down below. And as always, this is Just…My 2 Cents. GOOD TO BE BACK, BABY!!!

11 thoughts on “NEETaku Rants:Why Do Some Anime Get More Than One Season & Others Don’t?

  1. Mostly it just comes down to money. Anime is entertainment, sure, and sometimes it’s even art, but mostly it’s a business. If something sells well in Japan, and if there’s enough source material to make more of it (or if it sells well and it’s an original show), there’ll likely be another season. If not, there probably won’t be. Unfortunately, that often means appealing to the lowest common denominator – hence why some of the most popular and/or long-running anime are pretty bad. With a few notable exceptions, it’s your basic popularity contest.


    • And therein lies the problem. People in general have forsaken originality for what’s popular. That’s why you saw so many trapped in a MMO animes after SAO debuted. Companies are just doing what will make money and have in turn filled the market with worthless schlock.


  2. Now that you mentioned it, I forgot that Ikki Tousen got 4 seasons and an OVA. Most anime gets about a season or 2. I would like to see anime like Accel World get another season (I still haven’t finished the anime yet).

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