Top 6 Gateway Anime

No matter how grand, progressive and mainstream anime may get, it will always carry the stigma that all animated shows/movies do: Cartoons are for kids. And even if you meet people who are decently open-minded, it can still be tough to get them to actually sit down and watch an anime series. So, in order to help you out in getting your friends on board the otaku train, I’ve selected 6 shows you can recommend to them. Why only 6?



Let’s get things rolling!!

#6 -5: Dragonball/Z & Sailor Moon


There’s a reason why these two shows have both either been rebooted and remastered: They are simply timeless. Dragonball/Z was the ultimate boy’s anime and Sailor Moon the main girl’s anime. No matter what age you are you’ve at least heard of one of both of them. Heck, most of the anime created today, especially shounen battle anime, owe most of their tropes and character personalities to these shows. Their stories aren’t all that complex, and they never stray too far into the depths of craziness that accompanies most anime to turn people off. If you’re looking for the safest card to play from your hand, you can’t go wrong with either of these OG anime series.

#4: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann


Hey, got a male, or friend who’s into guns, explosions and every other stereotypical things guys are into?  Gurren Lagann is the perfect anime for them. Forget about giant sprawling worlds or well thought out plots. Gurren Lagann is like an 80s/90s action flick in cartoon form!! Giant robots beating the crap out of each other, a main character whose answer to everything is punching someone in the face and fighting scenes that only get grander and mind blowingly insane as the show goes on. This show puts the pedal to the metal and grinds it into the asphalt. If your friend didn’t have hair on their chest before watching this show, I guarantee they will afterwards.

#3: Clannad/Clannad After Story


Or, perhaps you have a female friend who is into more subtle things. Drama, romance and a story that grabs you by your heart and never lets go. Clannad and its sequel Clannad After Story is a soap opera disguised an as anime. No matter how much they try not to, your friends will soon begin shedding tears as they watch the most gut wrenching anime ever produced. From its superb cast of characters to its plot that has more twists in it than General Hospital, this show will have them in a perpetual state of ” The Feels”. Make sure to bring a box of Kleenex before taking this one on. You’ll need them.

#2 Cowboy Bebop


If there was ever an anime that personified the idea that anime isn’t just for kids, it’s Cowboy Bebop. Spike, Jet and the rest of the crew will take your buddies on a whirlwind journey of suspense, action and “space” adventure. This anime is guaranteed to rip the blinders off your friends eyes as they come to realize that intellectual maturity can be found cartoons as well the movies/TV. With soothing, haunting original soundtrack and depth not seen in animes before it, and most after, there’s not much to say but let them see for themselves.




FLCL. Fooly Cooly. No matter how you pronounce it, this show is anime personified!!! All the crazy, bizarre and all around mind blowing traits can be summed up in every 20+ minute episode of this series.With it’s fast paced action depicted in impressively fluid animation, and pulse pounding soundtrack to go along with it, there is no doubt that your friends will be saying ” WTF” after sitting through this show. And that’s the beauty of it!! Because their minds will be so epically blown it guarantees that they will watch it again, and again, and again just to figure out what exactly just transpired before their eyes. And given that Toonami and Turner Broadcasting are in the works of producing 2 more seasons of this show, there is not a better time to get that buddy of yours off the fence and shove this show down their gullet.


Of course this list is not the end all of gateway anime, so be sure to list some others shows down below. I’m always looking for new series to get into. And as always, this is Just…My 2 Cents. See ya, Space Cowboy!

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