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That may seem like a cop-out to most people, but that’s exactly how I feel on the subject. Seriously, the whole world is so full extremes, man. You either have to agree or disagree, like or don’t like. There’s never really room for any middle ground. And while I agree that the world is mostly black and white, on occasions like this it can shift into shades of gray. Let me explain.


What did they do to you, Kenichi?!



Growing up during the “anime boom” (like a broken record this guy), subtitled anime of any kind was practically nonexistent. So of course like everybody else in the US every show I watched came in dubbed form. And despite the tons of series whose dub were just mind numbingly bad, there were just as many that were done perfectly fine. Seriously, even today the majority of fans still believe the Cowboy Bebop is the standard that all dubs should aspire to. And honestly, no one really cared about the quality of dubs as kids. We watched the anime because they were awesome cartoons!

Speaking of bad quality anime dubs, is it me or have dubbing companies gotten lazy, especially Funimation? Their One Piece dub is some of the shoddiest work I’ve seen in a long while, which is mind-boggling given they also did the Michiko to Hatchin dub which is awesome. Back then they didn’t just dub anime, they created all new background music and theme songs. There was so much effort put into things. And even though I might get some flack for saying this, the 4Kids dub of One Piece had better voice acting, the horrible westernizing notwithstanding.

Buy your torches and pitchforks here.

Now with all that bashing one would think that I support subs more than dubs. But, you know what they say about assuming. My first experience with subbed anime is sort of weird one. Telemundo used to show DBZ in the morning and somehow when I turned on closed captioning the words were in English rather than Spanish. Fan subs I discovered in like 10th grade and are mostly how I watch anime these days. Again, not because I think dubs suck, but because I like to get the full experience when watching foreign media. That’s not to say subbed anime does not have its cons. Bad translations, poor color choices and font size are just some of the issues that accompany them. And as many people complained before, sometimes you can miss things on-screen because you’re reading what the characters just said.

Getting back dubbed anime for a second, I wonder how many people even remember English OSTs. Some of my favorite anime music come the English OSTs for shows like Tenchi, Yu Yu Hakusho and Sailor Moon. Heck, the OST for Beyblade was the best part of the entire series. Man, really wish they still made those.


Sorry for the sloppy post guys. Feel asleep halfway through typing this and lost all my thoughts. Look forward to your opinions on the subject of Subs vs Dubs. And always, this has been Just… My 2 Cents.

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