NEETaku Rants: The Hidden Leaf Is Filled With D-Bags

While I may not be the biggest Naruto fan, having only watched about 30% of all the episodes, there are still certain truths I know:

1. There’ll never be another Uchiha family reunion thanks to Itachi.

2. Orochimaru would give Gene Simmons a run for his money as far as tongues are concerned.

3. And Tsunade has the best rack in all of anime. Period!!

But, apparently there is one thing that I thought was common knowledge that turned out NOT to be true. See I was under the impression that Naruto had been made aware of the demon that was dwelling inside of him from the very beginning of the series. Turns out that he wasn’t.


maxresdefault (3)

You mean to tell me that neither Iruka or the friggin’ 4th Hokage saw fit to inform the guy about why everyone in his village despised his very existence?!

maxresdefault (3)

They let him basically raise himself for 13 years, and no one had the BALLS to at least tell the guy he saved all of their ungrateful lives!?

maxresdefault (3)

I mean… I mean my gosh! You people are monsters! Horrible, horrible monsters!!!

You poor unfortunate soul! ;-;

Now before all of you go and attack me,I know very well that the adults at the time were forbidden to talk about the incident by the 4th Hokage, and that Naruto himself found out about in the very first episode of the anime.


One would think that if anyone would be an exception to that decree it would be the person housing the demon! You saw how not telling the host worked out for the Sand Village, right? Not so good, was it?!

hqdefault (1)

Another issue I have with all of this madness is the fact the villagers couldn’t differentiate the demon from the innocent child. Hate the beast that destroyed your village and killed your loved ones all you want, but leave the boy alone! They didn’t think that growing up as an orphan with no chance of being adopted was hard enough for Naruto? Geez Louise! No wonder Orochimaru wanted to burn that place to the ground. Matter of fact, where’s my matchbook? I’ll set the place on fire myself!

maxresdefault (2)
Don’t worry, kid! The world’s on your side!!

OK, let me calm down and wrap this up. If you guys feel the same or have a different take on the whole issue, please let me know down below. I really want to know if I’m the only one who thinks this way or are there others that do as well.

I’m NEETaku, and this has been Just… My 2 Cents.



16 thoughts on “NEETaku Rants: The Hidden Leaf Is Filled With D-Bags

  1. I’ve only seen about 20% of naruto this was a long time ago and Naruto faced some harsh truths which I can say only made him stronger but I agree that not everyone in the leaf village went about treating Naruto the most amazingly 🙂 interesting point you make 🙂

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  2. Ahahaha! Well, if everyone is so very peaceful and get along well, then we wouldn’t have much drama to enjoy in Naruto now, do we? I personally like the conflict between Naruto and the rest of the villagers because it makes Naruto’s coming-of-age story all the more special. And you really get touched when the villagers start to accept him and even respect him. I think that’s one of the reasons why Kishimoto-sensei wrote the story like it was. It makes it more dramatic. Anyway, interesting and even funny post. Thanks for submitting it at the Fujinsei Blog Carnival which I hosted. Keep it up. Cheers!

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