Top 6 Worst/Most Hated Characters

May be a bit later than I’d hoped, but I got this baby out on Wednesday. Just like I said I would!!


There is always two sides to every coin. For every hero, there’s a villain. For every happy moment, there’s a sad moment. And for every enjoyable, wonderfully written character, there are those who should be put on a boat, sailed out to the middle of the Arctic Ocean and firebombed by EVERY missile currently available on Planet Earth!

These are the Top 6 worst characters it has ever been my displeasure of viewing while watching in anime. Starting with:

#6 Sora From .hack//Sign


But NEETaku, you say, he’s just a 10-year-old boy playing around in an MMO. Surely he’s just a harmless, little…I DON’T GIVE A…..!

This little troll is the animated manifestation of every noob character you’ve ever come across while playing games online. Every time he showed up on-screen I wanted to throw a brick at my TV. He’s a sewage swingin’ slimeball who spent most of his time manipulating people for his own personal gain. You know, when he wasn’t LITERALLY stabbing them in the back!

The only joy I ever got from this guy was when Skeith finally offed him in the last episode and put his player in a coma. Never before in my life had I ever cheered for someone being put in a vegetated state. You always reap what you sow, and he reaped a HUGE bounty!

#5 Krillin From Dragon Ball Z

Smug little….

Before the Android Saga I actually really liked Krillin. Really, I actually enjoyed him as a character. When Toriyama finally pulled him out of Goku’s shadow, he showed himself not only to be a decent fighter, but an equally enjoyable mainstay of the series.

So…how did he go and screw everything up? Two Words: Android Eighteen

All of the rage I harbor this walking, talking bowling ball can be summed up in this image:


The whole world rested in his hands. The Androids were one button press away from never being a threat to them ever again. And what does Krillin do? He curb stomps the friggin’ remote! And why?!


ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! You doomed all of humanity just because you got to 1st base with a chick who’s only purpose at that time was to see your best friend dead?! You….MORON!! What makes all of this even worse is that everybody forgives him a millisecond after. How!? How do you allow this disfigured dwarf hang around you after what he did?! As soon as he stepped onto Kami’s lookout I would have offed him for good. He was better off dead after being blown up by Frieza!

#4 Yana From Golden Time


This guy…this…guy…-Rubs temples.-

Have you ever met someone who has everything going for them in life, and yet still find some way to complain? Yeah, Yana is that person x100.

Oh woest me! A chick who’s had the hots for me ever since we were kids followed to Tokyo in order to marry me.

Oh boo hoo! A hot upperclassman is pestering me constantly want to go out with me!

Oh, what a hard knock life I lead…MAN THE HECK UP!!

Look, I’m not saying Koko wasn’t an overbearing monster, but Yana blew things way out of proportion with not only her, but everything he was ever involved in. He gets rejected by Chinami, dyes his hair and goes totally emo for the entire show. Then when Chinami tries to sort smooth things over, he blows her off to the point of making her cut her hair! Not only that, but he has the BALLS to try hook up with Linda and ends up just acting like a total jackass to her. Nothing he does throughout the show was likable in the slightest. And the definitely didn’t deserve the honor of making Linda blush in the very last episode. The only reward he deserves is a slow, painful death while he sits in a Lay Z Boy chair bald-headed in a bathrobe with nothing but his boxers on!

#3 Asuna From Sword Art Online


While people have raged and raged about Kirito being the anime equivalent of cancer, the majority of my anger with SAO was directed towards the ” main female lead”. And yes, the quotations were on purpose. I hate her not for what she turned out to be, but what the creator of the show falsely led us to believe she was supposed to be.

The very moment Asuna stepped on the stage she had the word ” Bad A** ” emblazoned on the back of her breastplate. Strong, independent and able to handle her own in a fight just as good as Kirito. And all that lasted for about as long as dating life (29 years single and counting, baby!). The instant she and Kirito  shared that moment in the grass Asuna was relegated to the standard tsundere, damsel in distress role most of the girls in the show had. Whenever she got into a pinch she needed HER MAN to get her out of it. And what makes it all the more disappointing is that she willing went along with it! Kirito shoved her to the background and she was all like ” Yeah…I’m okay with this”.

Everyone’s breaking point with this broad came when she was trapped inside of a birdcage for the majority of the second season, even though she friggin’ escaped like 2-3 episode in to it. You mean to tell me that a character who was a total newb in the beginning that some how became one of its top players all on her own couldn’t escape a trap that Tweety Bird go out of without a sweat!?


Asuna…you are dead to me.

#2 Flay Allster From Gundam SEED


Oh how I hate you, Flay. Let me count the ways:

  1. You’re a pampered, pretentious princess who calls foul every time something doesn’t go your way.
  2. You’re an ignorant racist who blindly spits venom despite one of your best friends being a part of the race you claim to hate.
  3. You’re a manipulative strumpet who not only endangered the lives of all the people around you, but drive both your ex-fiance and ex-boyfriend into the depths of insanity.
  4. You…you’re just a ho.

Gundam SEED is chock full of characters that were purposely written to get heat from the viewer, but none of them compare to this red-headed she devil. As if her being a bigoted hypocrite wasn’t enough, but she basically went all Lady Macbeth on Kira and tormented the guy for no reason at all except she couldn’t deal with the fact that she’s a horrible person. There was literally NOTHING  she did throughout the series that was to the benefit of anyone else but herself.

The moment this heifer went up in flames I breathe a huge sigh of relief. Relief that I would never, EVAH, have to deal with her ever again. And as hard as it is to believe, there’s someone who’s even worse.

#1 Nena Trinity From Gundam 00


There’s an extra circle of Hades that Dante forgot to mention in his little book. That’s because in it resides a creature so vile, so inhuman, so evil that he could not bring himself to unleash it upon the world. The mere utterance of her name would cause the baddest man on the planet to both urinate/defecate themselves in an instant.

That name….is Nena Trinity.

This little sociopath has got to be the most nonredeemable anime character I have ever seen. Even as bad as the rest of the characters on this list are, at LEAST there’s an inkling of a good quality about them. But this chick right here? If I were to see her on fire while crossing the street, I wouldn’t even waste my saliva to put her out!

While her manipulative, self-serving personality would be enough to turn anyone’s stomach, the act that shot her straight to number 1 on my list was when she committed genocide on Louise’s family while flying to a mission. Dozens of lives wiped from the world simply because they were having fun when she couldn’t. A young girl’s innocence STOLEN because she couldn’t eat cake and dance!


There are NO words in any language to describe just how despicable a person Nena is. The computer from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy would blow a fuse trying to comprehend how such an embodiment of evil could have been spawned into this world. Even after she was killed off her stench still remains to this day!

Curse you, Nena Trinity! CURSE YOOOOOUUUUU!!!!

Got a character you think is more loathsome than the ones I’ve listed? Let me know in the comments section down below. And be on the look out for my next post sometime either Friday or Saturday.

And always remember, this is Just…My 2 Cents.


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