NEETaku Rants: What Was Wrong With Tyson Being Fat?

This sort of topic is the reason I started this anime blog. My mind is constantly filled with thoughts and random, nonsensical questions most people wouldn’t give a second thought to. The title says it all really: Why did they make Tyson Granger from Beyblade skinny?

He’s not fat. He’s Fluffy

Seriously? What was wrong with having the main character the original Beyblade be a bit the chunky side? There was no reason to make him skinnier in the second series. We all liked him better when he was on the heavier side! Call me and a lot of kids surprised when our jolly, pudge ball of a hero turned into this in the new series:

Did he have liposuction or something?

What happened? Did a bunch of parents call in complaining that they were afraid their children would become overweight because Tyson was on the husky side? Oh yeah, I remember tons of kids binging on burgers, chips and cookies because they wanted to be just as fat as he was…. GET OUTTA HERE WITH THAT!! Way to not enforce negative stereotypes.

It may be just a television cliche/trope, but fat people are just funnier than skinny people. And I don’t mean that in a negative way either. Think of Coop from Megas XLR. What did people enjoy about his character most? It was the fact that he embraced being fat! He wasn’t ashamed of being on the heavier side of things and we all loved him for it. It was the same with Tyson. We loved the fact that though he was chunky, he could still be just as athletic as the rest of the cast. Well… As athletic as one can be playing tops.


Not all heroes need, or should, to be perfect little runway models. People come in all shapes and sizes, and so should anime characters. I for one think there should be more “fluffy” main characters not less. Chubby people can save world too, folks!

Short post is short! Thanks for reading another one of my mindless ramblings. Hope to get a much longer one done tomorrow. And as always, this is Just… My 2 Cents. LET IT RIP!!

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