NEETaku Says: 4Kids Isn’t All That Bad


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Me:  – Sigh. – ” What now, Random Anime Fanboy?”

Random Anime Fanboy: ” How dare you say 4Kids isn’t that bad!! They ruined One Piece for me!”

Me: ” Really? Tell me, what episode is One Piece on right now?”

Random Anime Fanboy: ” 744, of course.”

Me: ” Wait? How would you know that if 4Kids ruined the show for you?”

Random Anime Fanboy: “…” – Flees. –

Look, don’t get me wrong. I’m right there with you in saying that 4Kids Entertainment has made some dumb, Dumb…DUMB choices when it comes to dubbing anime. From poor translations to outright swapping out objects from several shows, they are without a doubt the Kings of “destroying” most series they’ve done for fans of them. Here are just some of the sins they’ve committed:

It used to be a rice ball.
I mean…I mean that’s just awkward…

And dare I even bring up…

Ahhh…MY EYES!! It burns!!


For all the “evil” they’ve done to us poor, innocent anime fanatics, they’ve done some great things for us as well. Don’t believe me? Allow me to present Exhibit A:

Look Familiar?!!!

Yeah? Forgot that they were the ones who brought over one of the most popular shounen series of all time, didn’t you? It wasn’t Pioneer, ADV or your pwecious Funimation. NO!! It was the black sheep of the anime dubbing world 4Kids!!

What? Still not enough proof that they aren’t the Devil? Exhibit B!


Don’t act like you don’t remember this bad boy! You know you woke up every morning to catch the latest episode. Don’t try to deny it, bub!

But if you’re Still on the fence about it, allow me to play my trump card:


One of the most iconic video game, anime/manga & trading card series of all time! And what company was at the forefront of marketing this bad boy to all you ungrateful so and so’s?

All together now:

4kids Entertainment!!!

Even if you were to ignore those 3 examples, do people not remember the mindset early 90s viewers of anime had? No matter how mature they may have seemed, the majority of them were marketed to kids simply because they were cartoons. It only made sense that most companies would edit out vulgar scenes and language if they wanted children to view the shows. Just take this bloke for example:


With as big an issue racism has been in the history of America, did you really think the FCC and parents would be ok with their kids seeing something even remotely close to black face in a cartoon? 4Kids had no choice but to palette swap the guy! It was either that or entertain the bajillion complaints they woulda received if they hadn’t. And again, not every decision they made when it came to censorship made sense, but not every one of them were unnecessary. Even if they still some dumb, Dumb…DUMB choices.

A shovel…Seriously? A shovel?!

Whew!! Man, this was a picture heavy post, wasn’t it? Hopefully I was able to at least get you to give some thought to why 4Kids did what they did when it came to bringing shows over. Buuuuttt….if you think I’m out of my mind to even attempt to defend them, let me know down below. Because as you know, this is Just….My 2 Cents!

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