NEETaku Goes Off-Topic: The Nice Landers Are The Real Villains

The random, nonsensical thoughts that constantly bounce around in my head aren’t limited to anime.And rather than create separate blog for them (heaven knows I have a hard enough time keeping up with this one), I’ve decided to make a sort of Off-Topic section for them here. Just a once and a while thing when anime related topics escape me.

With all that being said, The Nice Landers from Wreck It Ralph are a bunch of stuck up, bougie jerks!!

Yeah, these guys! They are bums!

For those who don’t know, and should be ashamed if they consider themselves video game fans, the game Fix It Felix Jr ear loosely based on the original Donkey Kong arcade game. I say loosely based because while the villain in Donkey Kong is obvious to everyone, most people miss out on it in Fix It Felix Jr. Let me break down the plot the game for you:

Homeless guy goes to sleep in his stump house
Jerk with a bulldozer uproots said house.
Homeless guy gets mad about being so rudely evicted
Overpriced condos are built in homeles¬†guy’s former home
Homeless guy takes revenge on said condominium.

Now, given the parallels between FFJ and Donkey Kong, immediately people label Ralph as the villain of the game and completely ignore the fact that he was just a guy trying to take a nap! Seriously, what dastardly deed did he commit that warranted having his entire house moved to the town dump?

Does this look like the kinda guy who would destroy a building for no reason?

On top of kicking Ralph to the curb, the Nicelanders treat the guy worse than the actual garbage he sleeps on every night. And I would sorta be ok with this if Ralph was really the tyrant they make him out to be, but he CLEARLY states in the beginning of the film that all of them are just doing their jobs. They’re just playing the roles assigned to them in their particular video game. If that’s the case, then WHY are they so mean to the guy when the arcade closes? It’s just HIS JOB to wreck the building! It’s all just scripted!

You’re horrible people and deserve to be shot!

And you know what the straw that broke the camel’s back is? They never…


… apologize to Ralph. Not Felix, not any of the other Nicelanders, and especially not this douchebag:


Yeah, you would think that Gene, the guy who shows the most hostility towards Ralph, would be the first one beg for his forgiveness. But nope, all the guy does is ridicule Ralph for leaving and almost getting them unplugged. Then, once order is restored, they act like everything is okay nothing negative ever happened between them.


If I were Ralph, especially after what Gene tells him, I would’ve let their game get unplugged. Seriously, let them all end up homeless and begging for food like Qbert was in the Terminal. Ralph could’ve just lived in Sugar Rush with Vanellope. Clearly she was there only one that treated the guy like a human being and not roadkill.

You’re the real hero, Ralph. Never let them tell you otherwise!

Hopefully you enjoyed this little break from all things anime. I’ll return to normalcy later this week. I’m NEETaku, and this was Just… My 2 Cents.


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  1. […] NEETaku Goes Off-Topic: The Nice Landers are the Real Villains–¬†This post…spoke to me on so many levels! Anyone who has seen Disney’s Wreck It Ralph knows that being a Bad Guy doesn’t make you a bad guy, but what about the Good Guys? Does the same principle apply to them too? Well this blogger proposes that the Nice Landers are the true villains of the film, and I wholeheartedly agree! This is another fun post from a great blogger! […]

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