30 Anime Challenge Day 1: Very 1st Anime I’ve Ever Watched



Right off the bat this challenge starts off with a prompt that strains my memory banks to their limits. As I hope many of you remember in the second ever blog post I’ve made, I didn’t even know what anime was until I was like 12-13 in middle school. By that time I had watched 5-6 anime religiously up until that very moment, and those are the ones I actually remembered. So, after much contemplation and head banging against several walls of different materials, I was finally able to recall the very first anime series I had ever watched as a kid. But…before I reveal said anime, I have one question to as of you good folks:


Boy I’m showing my age with this one, XD. That’s right, the 1st ever anime I watched was Samurai Pizza Cats, a show that debuted in the US around 1994.

The series is set in Little Tokyo, a mechanical city which fuses feudal Japanese culture with contemporary culture, and is populated by cybernetic anthropomorphic animals. The city is nominally led by Emperor Fred, a doddering eccentric. The city’s actual leadership lies in the hands of his daughter Princess Violet and blah blah blah…BLAH!!! It’s a show about robotic felines it swords fighting ninja crows. Like most kids in the 90s, or kids in general, we cared diddly squat about the plot to any of the cartoons we watched. If it was bright, colorful and had some form of action in it, we were hooked. So, what exactly drew me to Samurai Pizza Cats, a show that looked different from any other cartoon I had watched up until that point? 4 Words: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Eat your heart out, Megazord!!

Like MMPR, Samurai Pizza Cats was a “monster of the week” sort of show. There was no overarching plot or any real connection between the episodes outside of the reoccurring characters. And by the time I had watched the series, Power Rangers had been engrained into my skull that anything loosely resembling it I watched. Probably explains my fascination with Big Bad Beetleborgs too…uggghhh…..

So, beyond it resembling MMPR, what else did I like about the show? Well, there was the humour. It was the same kinda humor the Animaniacs had. Rapid-fire pop culture references and silly puns that only kids would ever laugh at. Then there was their transformation/entrance montage that occurred in every episodes. And when I say they came in with a “BANG”, I really mean it.


I mean….how does that even work?!  First off, they enter the thing through pizza ovens that lead into torpedo tubes. Then, the roof lifts up and reveals that it’s actually a gun ( try to figure that one out). And then when it actually goes off, there’s no shockwave or anything lese that might actually damage the restaurant itself or the surrouding buildings. On top of all of that, it only goes up and down not sideways. So what happens when there’s trouble on either the west or east side of the city? Did they have some way to change direction in midair, or did just neglect those places? I don’t know, probably waaayay over thinking this thing.

Regardless, Samurai Pizza Cats is a cult hit amongst anime fans for a reason. If you haven’t checked it out already, do so. It may not have aged all that well, but I guarantee the novelty of it will be enough to entertain you.

One post down, 29 more to go. Hope you stick with me during this entire thing, folks. Gonna need all the support I can get, lol. I’m NEETaku and this was Just…My 2 Cents.

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