NEETaku Takes On The 30 Day Anime Challenge

Otakus…fan girls…tsunderes…LEND ME YOUR EARS!!

A gold star for those who get this reference

Inspired by pokeninja90 at Nice Job Breaking It, Hero (be sure to check out their blog, folks), I have decided to embark upon a journey that will test my anime knowledge, my dedication to the fandom and my horrible…..HORRIBLE memory. That’s right, I will be taking on the 30 Day Anime Challenge!!

– Insert epic trumpet fanfare.-

For 30 days straight I will be responding to each prompt displayed on the on the image above. And while by first glance it doesn’t seem all that daunting, I can guarantee somewhere in the middle of it all there will be a huge stumbling block. Many have tried, and few have actually succeeded. But where they have fallen I WILL SUCCEED! So, in the immortal words of Gundam Wing’s Heero Yuy:




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