30 Day Anime Challenge Day 3: Favorite Male Anime Character Ever

Now we’re getting somewhere, people! I had always planned to make a Top 6 List of my fave anime males to go along with the list of my fave tomboys. But, today’s prompt basically wipes out any chance of that happening. Why go about yammering about the 6 guys I think are the coolest ever when I can just give you the best one out of all of them?

So, with no more gilding of the lily, and without further ado, allow me to introduce my favorite male anime character of all time:


Shizuma  MUTHALUVIN’ Kusanagi



Ummm….ahem…perhaps I should explain…

Back in high school I came across a little known manga series called Samurai Girl: Real Bout High School. The story revolved around a school that doesn’t break up fights, but rather, they grade them. The story introduces Ryoko Mitsurugi, Daimon High’s Current reigning K-Fight Champion and self-described Samurai Girl. It also introduces Shizuma Kusunagi, a traveling Street Fighter with mysterious powers. The manga, while comedic in the beginning, becomes more serious as Ryoko and Shizuma find themselves caught up in the machinations of several student councils and a criminal organization with Ryoko teaming up with a band of female fighters named after the historical Shinsengumi.

It was your standard fighting manga that honestly was about as B-rated as you could get. The story wasn’t that in-depth and there are quite a few things that are never really fleshed out or explained. Not that I’m saying the manga was bad, mind you. Obviously that’s not the case if I’m stating that my fave male character ever comes from it.The series strong suit is its characters and fighting scenes, with Shizuma obviously being the crowning jewel of the former!


If it hasn’t been made clear by the pictures thus far, Shizuma is a loud mouth, arrogant, chauvinistic braggart that will spend ever minute of every day letting you know just how awesome he is. And I love every bit of that personality!! He’s basically Ryu without the perpetual stick up his rear end. He’s always looking for a fight, even going so far as to crash the martial arts tourney at Daimon High just to go up against tough opponents. I suppose I could compare the guy to Sendo from Hajime no Ippo. Whether he wins or loses, all he cares is that he can have a satisfying throw down.

Oh, and when I say he’s a fighting junkie, I literally mean he’s addicted to fighting!! Heck, the whole K-Fight system was all his idea!! Shizuma didn’t really care about disputes being settled around the school, he simply wanted a reason for throwing his fists around without the administration getting in his way. The only thing crazier about the whole thing is that the principal of the school goes along with it! There’s even an incident where Shizuma goes up against a teacher and the Principal practically put the fight on PPV!

That’s right. He created his own club! xD

Shizuma basically saved  Real Bout High School for me. Had he not been a character in it, I doubt I’d have enjoyed it as much as I did. That’s the best compliment you can ever give a character of any anime/manga. And speaking of anime, Real Bout High School did manage to get a 13 episode series green lit a while back. But……that’s a turd that I will tackle at another time. And trust me when I say I will thoroughly enjoy ripping that schlock a new one!!!

Until then, bask in the glory and awesomeness that is my fave male anime character, Shizuma Kusanagi!!


This has been Just…My 2 Cents with NEETaku. Catch you on the flip side!!!

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