30 Day Anime Challenge Day 4: Favorite Female Anime Character


30 Day Anime Challenge…yoooouuu saucy tart, you…Why must you torment me by making actually have to think about things?! Yesterday’s topic was soooo much easier and fun, but this one….uggghhhhh….


Ok, enough complaining for now. As annoying as it was I did manage to finally think of an anime chick that I can say is my absolute favorite. Unlike my choices for my Top 6 Tomboys, this pick was not based solely on how attractive their personality/appearance is. Rather it was based on just how enjoyable the character herself was to watch throughout the anime she starred in. So, without further ado, my favorite female anime character is:


If you haven’t noticed by now, my taste in anime women is very eccentric. Simply put, I’m into chicks that have an edge to them and are, for lack of a better term, crazy. And no one, male or female, is as crazy as Haruko Haurhara. From the very moment she rode into town on her Vespa and clocked Naota on the head with her bass guitar, you could instantly tell she wasn’t going to be your typical chick. Hot-headed, selfish and manipulative, this redheaded she-devil would literally tear your whole world asunder and smile while she did it!

And did I mention she’s crazy?


Haruko is the living embodiment of all the craziness that is FLCL. There was never one scene in the entire series where she was spouting some random, pop culture nonsense or just going about tearing the town a new one. In any other show she’d most likely be the villain given just how much strings along Naoto throughout the show. Despite knowing the kid had genuine feelings for him, she repeatedly uses him for her own personal gains and destroys whatever hope he had for living a normal life. And when he ended up getting Atomsk’s powers instead of her, she almost killed the poor kid in a blood rage. She’s as irredeemable as you could possibly get as a human being….AND I LOVED EVERY BIT OF IT!! I could have cared less how many planets she destroyed or how may lives she ruined along the way, just being able to sit back and enjoy the chaos she created just from her mere presence was enough to overshadow all shortcomings as a person. There will never be another Haruko Haruhara, and that’s the way it should be.

Lucky bat…

Don’t be afraid to share your favorites down below in the comments section, folks. Always remember that my blog is meant to be a conversation, not just me blathering on about things. Hopefully tomorrow’s prompt proves to be an easier task to take on, but most likely I’ll have to shove a few more aspirin down my throat.

I’m NEETaku and this has been Just…My 2 Cents.


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