30 Day Anime Challenge Day 5: Anime I’m Ashamed I Enjoyed

* Slowly walks up to a podium inside a room with a giant ” Anime Anonymous” banner hanging over head.*

Me: Ahem…hello folks, my name is NEETaku and I’m a fan of anime…

Peanut Gallery: ” Hi NEETaku!”

Me: Uhh…yeah. Ahem…I’m stand here before all of you today to say that…well…I enjoyed watching K-On..

* Covers face as a shower of boos and various rotten vegetables rain down upon me.*


Look, I’ll agree with anyone who says that K-On is as bis a moe blobfest as you can possibly get. The very idea that anyone can get any real enjoyment out watching cute girls doing cute things just for the sake of being cute is a concept I can never wrap my head around. Just looking at a picture of the main cast gives me onset diabeetus!!

So sweet it makes your teeth itch…


Even given all of that, I still found myself actually enjoying the series. Seriously, there have been many moe series, Lucky Star to name one, where I couldn’t even make it through the first episode. I don’t what makes K-On that much different, but obviously there was something about it that hooked me. The humor, while not great, actually had me laughing out loud at times. And no one can deny that the series looks absolutely gorgeous. For show that, as Gigguk put it, is mostly about drinking mutha luvvin’ tea, the creators made sure it was the best looking you ever seen!!

I think what really sold me on the show was the fact it was about a chick rock band. Not something you see everyday in anime or real life. And while they could have just thrown together some bubblegum pop crap and been done with it, they actually went through the trouble of writing songs that are actually decent. The OST isn’t on par with the likes of say a .hack//Sign or Cowboy Bebop, but it’s good enough to warrant a serious listen. The best track by far was ” No Thank You”, which you can listen to below:

Now, that doesn’t mean the show isn’t without its faults. As stated before, it’s mostly about cute girls doing everyday things in a cute way. The music, while good, takes a backseat to the mundane activities of the band members. They only really perform a concert like twice throughout the entire series which spanned around episodes. So yeah, when they do focus on the whole more angle of the show, it gets reaaaaalllllyyy boring. But, when it strays away from that schlock, K-On is a pretty decent series.

So, why not take those moe blinders down for once and give this show a chance. For a one shot marathon, it’s a rather enjoyable experience. But, what do I know? That is Just…My 2 Cents. ROCK ON, BABY!! \m/

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