30 Day Anime Challenge Day 6: Anime I want To See But Haven’t Yet

Well…this is certainly awkward….

If you had asked me about a week or so ago what anime I’ve been dying to watch but haven’t yet, I would’ve immediately answered with my Hero Acadamia. The only problem is….I already watched it. Heck, I even wrote a post about the darn thing. So, that left me in quite the pickle. But, after much contemplating,I finally came up with answer to today’s topic. So, the anime I want to watch but haven’t yet is:

I’ve been busy, Shiroe! Give me a break!!!

If you can’t tell by the image, it’s Log Horizon. More specifically, it’s the second season of Log Horizon. Now you might find it weird that I’ve watched the 1st season of this show but not the second, and you’d be right to think that. Most of us marathon multiple seasons in one entire day/week, so missing one is totally out of the norm. There really is no specific reason as to why I haven’t watched the 2nd season other than just not doing it. I don’t know why I have been putting off watching it especially seeing as how I think it’s a rather good anime.

I’m trying to explain things….GOSH!!!

Log Horizon came out around the same as Sword Art Online, so it only made sense that people would compare the two. And while SAO got most of the hype, I found myself liking Log Horizon way more. The main reason being that it actually felt like an MMO anime. A weird thing to say but it’s absolutely true. Both SAO and the .hack franchises seemed more like a fantasy show wrapped in an MMO wrapper. Sure they tried to through in MMO gamer/ Internet lingo, but they merely just hinted at those to remind folks that the characters were in fact in a game.

Log Horizon, on the other hand, immerses itself int he fact that the chars are in an MMO. It explores ideas and scenarios the other shows never bothered to. A whole two episodes alone were dedicated to how the players could make virtual food taste like the real thing and not bland crackers. Or how about the fact the NPCs in the show treat the players like gods and have trouble trying to coexist with them now that they are stuck there? That’s taking the road less trodden, something most anime these days don’t.

Also, lest I forget, Log Horizon has one of the catchiest, annoying theme songs ever put in anime:


So, when I’ll ever get back to this series is beyond me. But, now that I have dredged it back up again, I might just do it while it’s on my mind. Along with the other hundreds of series I’ve yet to get to.

I’m NEETaku and this was Just…My 2 Cents!!


One thought on “30 Day Anime Challenge Day 6: Anime I want To See But Haven’t Yet

  1. LOL! Love it!

    Fair warning, the second season kinda biffs a few things, especially towards the end, but it’s still plenty fun! I so want then to finish the story!

    Oh, and my pick was Shiki. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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