30 Day Anime Challenge Day 9: Best Anime Villain

Perfect Cell is the best villain EVAH!


Please clean up as you leave.

What’s that? I can’t just make a blog post that’s 17 words long?

maxresdefault (3)

I can’t just say the name of the bloke I think is the best villain ever and be done with it?

maxresdefault (3)

I actually have to explain why I think Perfect Cell is the best anime villain of all time? Have you SEEN the Android/Cell Saga of Dragon Ball Z?! It should friggin obvious why I picked this guy!  But…I guess I’ll satisfy all the naysayers out there by giving the 3 reasons why I chose Perfect Cell for today’s topic of discussion. So get your pencils, kiddies, cause school is now in session!!

His Motivation

Name a villain. Really, just off the top of your head, name a villain. And after naming said villain, name the reason why they do what they do. 9 times out of 10 their motivation is to, what else, take over the world…


If it’s not that, then they are basically dragons looking to hoard as much wealth as they possibly can just because. Perfect Cell doesn’t fall into any of those typical villain molds. Rather than wanting to rule the word with an iron fist or simply get money, his reason for committing his many atrocities is to be “perfect”. That is his only driving force from the moment Dr. Gero created him.

Sure, Gero probably mentioned killing Goku here or there, but Cell didn’t care all too much about that. Killing Goku was just a speed bump on the road to being the perfect being. Cell didn’t kill Trunks in the future simply to go back in time to kill Goku. He did it cause Trunks had stripped him of his opportunity to absorb Android 17 & 18. Given all the cookie cutter villains in anime past and present, you have to admit that just wanting to be the strongest there is a unique motivation.


Being Imperfect

Another great trait Cell possesses is that he was an unfinished project, unlike the Androids or Frieza. When he first popped up on the scene, Piccolo was basically able to wipe the floor with the guy. Even after he got a few shots in edgewise, there was never a real moment where he was in charge of the situation. So, since he wasn’t able to just power up more to turn the tables, he had to use his intellect and go back to the drawing board to figure out how to beat his opponent. Sound familiar?

Indeed, Cell the same route that all of the Z fighters take throughout the series. The villain of the current saga too strong? Let’s train ourselves and come up with new strategies/techniques to take him out later. He actually used that thing rattling around in his cranium unlike Ginyu, Frieza or Broly. Then, when he knew he had a definite advantage over everyone, he struck and reaped the benefits of his patience. Boss Mode Activated!


His Confidence

It’s not bragging when you can back it up. And it’s not being cocky when no one can prove you wrong. Unlike Frieza who couldn’t see past his own reflection, Cell knew for a fact that nothing could stop him once he became perfect. He wasn’t being overconfident like Frieza because he could see the big picture. He had calculated every possibility and deduced that his only real threat was Goku. And even then he knew that it would take a miracle for Goku to actually beat him.

With most shounen anime, or anime in general with a bad guy, there’s always a sense that the hero was going to win somehow. Like there was going to be something that the villain overlooked, or something the hero had been hiding until the very end. Now, some may say that Gohan was that deus ex machina in the Cell Saga, but let’s examine that for a second. Look at what it took for Gohan to go SS2.

  • Being pushed into a corner until he had no choice but to transform
  • His friends and family being on the verge of being killed
  • Android 16 appealing to his gentle nature right before getting killed
  • Cell himself picking and prodding him until he eventually popped

Look at all those conditions! Every one of them had to come true in order for a true threat to Cell’s overwhelming dominance to appear. Goku and the gang were basically banking on the planets aligning, pigs flying and me becoming a monkey’s uncle in order to beat Cell. If a single one of those dominoes hadn’t toppled over, the Earth was pretty much boned. Perfect Cell was the best villain in both DBZ & anime history, period. No one can compare to him!

You’re ether Perfect, or you’re not me

Got a villain that’s bigger and badder than Perfect Cell, however unlikely that is? xD Let me know down in the comments below. Because as always, this was Just…My 2 Cents.

4 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge Day 9: Best Anime Villain

  1. Good choice.
    My favourite villain (though it would depend on the day you asked me) would probably be Road Camelot from D Gray Man. Mostly because she’s just kind of malicious and playful at the same time. It kind of makes her terrifying even though she technically isn’t the big bad.


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