30 Day Anime Challenge Day 11: Favorite Mecha Anime

If there were a word to describe this anime challenge thus far, it would be topsy turvy. One moment I’m racking my brain trying to come up with an answer to the question being asked me, and other times I’m able to spit something out before I even reading it. Today’s challenge definitely falls into the latter of those two categories. But before I reveal my favorite mecha anime of all time, you must know something about me…..


That’s right folks, without a moment’s hesitation, I can say that Mobile Fighter G Gundam is my favorite mecha anime of all time. The very moment I hear the opening theme song the kid inside of me gets all hyped up like it’s the 90s all over again. And while some people might consider it absolute blasphemy, I also consider G Gundam to be the greatest Gundam series of all time as well. Allow me to tell you why.

The Premise Is Straight To The Point


Let’s be honest with ourselves for a second, Gundam fans. While we time and time again say that we watch any and all Gundam series for the deep story and political intrigue, the reality is there’s only true reason why we watch them: Giant robots beating the ever lovin’ snot out of one another. No one gave a crap about the war of morality being fought between Zaft and the Earth Alliance when we were kids. The only thing we rushed in front of the TV for everyday was to see how many mobile suits our favorite Gundam wiped out in one shot. G Gundam took note of this desire and turned the dial up to 11!!

The show’s creator tells you exactly what you’re gonna get when you tune in to watch this show right from the get go: A balls to the wall action show featuring Gundams of varying designs wreaking havoc on each other and the cities the fight in. The overarching political struggle found in most Gundam series is tossed to the wayside for the anime equivalent of a fighter video game. I speak not in hyperbole when I say I remember almost little about the overall schemes of the main villain of the series. I really could not care less as a kid watching this show. All I wanted to was to be absorbed in this 24 minute onslaught of testosterone, and comb the various hairs on my chest afterwards!!!

The Show Epitomizes The 90s


If there was one constant in 90s television regardless of country or culture, it’s that most shows/movies/cartoons were chock full of stereotypes. Every character or setting fit into some form of template that the general population consider the norm regardless of whether it was morally right or wrong. G Gundam was definitely not exempt from this trend and went out of its way to create about as stereotypical a main cast as you could get. Just look at these guys:


Stoic Japanese main char who’s on some ongoing journey? Check


Loud mouth American who’s Gundam was red, white and blue, fought using boxing moves and had guns used in the Wild Wild West? Check


Cocky Chinese kid who uses Shaolin style kung fu and is a master of cooking Chinese cuisine? Check


A French pretty boy who was only concerned about looking good and thinks anyone outside of France is uncultured and unrefined? Double Check!!!

I could go on but you get the idea by now. So let’s move on to the last reason why I like this show.

Giant Robots Doing Giant Robot Things

I might sound like a broken record by now, but it stands repeating that G Gundam knew exactly what it wanted to be. Most anime try to stuff too many themes into itself whether the puzzle pieces fit or not, turning them into nonsensical fuster clucks. I get that that they want to appeal to as many demographics as they can to bring in as much money as possible, but you can’t please all the people all the time. And rather than doing so, G Gundam took the route of just focusing on pleasing the one fan base that mattered: pre-teen young boys looking to turn their brains off and watch a good fight.

G Gundam was Gurren Lagaan before Gurren Lagaan knew it was Gurren Lagaan. It was just episode after episode of fast paced, hard nose action that only grew more spectacular as the series went on. Each Gundam had a set of special attacks that ranged from the spectacular to totally mind blowing. Giant wrecking balls, rose shaped min missiles that also shoot lasers and even firing spewing dragon hands!! Just when you thought they couldn’t top itself, G Gundam managed to throw you for a loop with how creative it go in it’s fights. Said action was made all the better when it was accompanied with an awesome OST. Just listen to one of the many re-occurring tracks that played in almost every episode.

If that doesn’t get you hyped to see giant mechs bashing each others heads in then you must not have a pulse!!


There really isn’t anything else to be said. Do yourself a favor and go watch this show. NOW!! DO IT NOW, FOLKS!!!

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