30 Day Anime Challenge Day 12: Saddest Scene In Anime

I don’t do tears when it comes to visual media, folks. No, it’s not some macho, He-Man complex that I have. There have been plenty of times where I’ve cried outside of watching a movie/TV show. I just never seem to be able to actually muster up those same tears when I watch a sad scene. Heck, I was the one kid in the movie theater that didn’t cry when Mufasa died in The Lion King!!

Heartless, ain’t I?

So, on top of having to find a sad scene in anime that brought wasn’t a death scene, I also had to find one that almost brought me to tears when watching it. This challenge is just the gift that keeps on giving, isn’t it? I’d like to meet the person who designed this thing in a dark alley…


After rummaging around  in the cluttered recesses of my memory, I was able to come up with one particular scene that almost made me break down and cry. The scene in question: Luffy’s Reaction to Ace’s Death.


No, this isn’t cheating! I’m not referring to Ace’s actual death so it counts!!

If I were to ask anyone of you to describe Luffy, no doubt you’d call him the stereotypical shounen battle manga hero. Happy go lucky, dumb as a brick convention and always having a large, toothy grin on his face. The guy wouldn’t know a serious moment if it walked up and bit him right in his stretchy posterior. Yeah there are times when he drops the goofy act and gets down to business, but 99.999% of the time he’s a total goofball.

Fast forward now to the Marineford Arc in the series where the tone of the entire anime drops like 50 points. The bright, radiant colors that usually accompanied the action are now replaced with dull grays and various over dim color shades. After busting his hump to rescue his elder brother from the chopping block, Luffy’s about ready to make a get away with Ace until..well…you know…


Everything stops when this occurs. All the fights in the background come to a sudden halt, and the fun & games cease. The one guy that Luffy looked up to more than Shanks has just died right in front of him. The most cheerful person in One Piece has just had his entire world shatter before him. And instead of just the usual cry of anguish or rush of tears that usually occur during a death scene, this moment hits Luffy harder than any punch he had taken up until that point. It LITTERALY breaks the guy!


Just look at the absolutely blank expression on his face. All of his faculties have shut down in an attempt to comprehend the travesty that transpired before his eyes. As a person who has lost a loved one at a very young age, I can definitely empathize with the guy. When said loved one died, I had such an emotional outburst that the cops were almost called on me. So to see our main char grief-stricken to the point of going absolutely numb both physically and mentally, I was shaken to my core and couldn’t help but have my eyes well up.

To me, there is no scene sadder than this one. If you have one or two that could top it, by all means, let me know down in the Comments Section. This is, after all, Just…My 2 Cents.


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