30 Day Anime Challenge Day 15: Favorite Sidekick, Pet or Summons

We’ve made it to the halfway point, ladies and gents!!

As much as I would love to celebrate the fact that I actually wrote 15 straight blog posts in a row without missing a day, this friggin’ challenge won’t allow me to!! I mean, who the heck even pays attention to the various pets or side kicks in an anime anyways!? There’s a reason why they’re called side characters, people!! They’re off in the background, out of sight for most of the show’s runtime!! How am I supposed to remember them!?

Darn it!  Bring out the Hades gifs!!


Ok…alright…woooossaaahhhhh…So, after a rousing game of ” How Many Times Can I Bash My Head Against the Table Before I Go Unconscious”, it finally hit me like a bolt of lightning. The choice was waaay easier than I was making it out to be, especially once the ringing in my ears stopped long enough for me to think straight. So, what anime sidekick, pet or summon was a I able to conjure up from the depths of my mind?

Make a wish….I Dare You!

Do I even need to explain why I chose the Namekian Dragon? It’s a mythological creature that can grant you any 3 wishes you want!! There’s really no explanation needed, man! Sure, you may have to spend months, if not years, trying to find all 7  Dragon Balls to conjure up this guy, but the rewards FAR outweigh the effort.

There really isn’t much to say. The Namekian Dragon rocks. PERIOD!!

Let me know which ones you came up with down below. This is NEETaku signing off.

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