30 Day Anime Challenge Day 16: Anime With The Best Animation

Me: Now..

Random Anime Fanboy: HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!!

Me: Can you AT LEAST let me finish?!

Random Anime Fanboy: You were going to choose some old school anime for today’s topic, weren’t you? Today’s animes are miles ahead in terms of animation!

Me: For once we actually agree, Random Anime Fanboy.

Random Anime Fanboy: Wait…what?

Look, I can be guilty of looking through rose-colored glasses quite a bit when it comes to anime and most other things. I will freely admit to that with hesitation. However, if there’s one thing that old school shows can’t compete with the newer ones in, it’s animation. Not saying that older shows weren’t animated beautifully. But man…some of the shows that come out today are just gorgeous!!

Even in still form it looks gorgeous!!

But, as much as I would love to just check ” All of the Above” for this post and call ti a day, I have to choose one. So, the anime with the best animation IMO is:


If there’s one thing I can point to that makes modern animation better in the past it’s consistency. My Hero Academia has this in spades! I don’t know if the budgets for anime have gotten bigger or companies are just making gold with what they have, but it’s rare to see any anime have a sudden dip int he quality of the animation. My Hero Academia brings its A game from the very get go and never once calls in the B Team. Even for scenes where quality doesn’t really matter, they still never give a sloppy effort.

Just look at this fight scene, people! Look At IT!!!

Just admire at how fluid the action is. There’s rarely a stutter in it or a moment where the characters faces get less detailed for the sake of saving a buck. And as I’ve stated before, the animation is consistently good throughout every episode with little to no drop offs. Meanwhile, back in the day, we fans had to suffer through those episodes where the budget was nothing more than a hay penny. Allow me to give an example.

Here’s Vegeta going SS when the A team is in.
Now here he is with the B Team.

Notice anything different? Even as a kid it was mind-boggling how some episodes looked freaking amazing while others look like something I’d draw myself. Sometimes making progress in technology isn’t all that necessary, but I’m glad animation tech has gotten better over the years. No more second rate episodes because companies are being cheap.

I’m NEETaku and that’s Just…My 2 Cents!

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