30 Day Anime Challenge Day 17: Favorite Male Supporting Character

Take a moment and think back to the various anime you’ve watched over the years. Think long and hard about each and every one of them. Now, think about all the characters that you’ve come to call your favorites for whatever reason.

Now….how many of those very characters were actually the main protagonist of that anime?

Been waiting to use this gif again for a looong time, lol.

Maybe it’s just me but I seem to have a tendency to not really connect with many of the main characters of the anime I watch both in the past or even now. Not saying that there aren’t ANY main chars I like. I just happen to end up liking the side characters that either pop up for an arc or two, or are a staple of the series meant to aid the protagonist in some manner. So, given all of that, who is my favorite male supporting character of all time?

Daiki Aomine from Kuroko no Basuke

Man, what is with my penchant for enjoying characters that have major baggage? I think I read waaay too many Shakespearean/Greek tragedies when I was younger?

Anyways, when you first get introduced to Aomine in the show, he comes off just like any of the other Teiko basketball team members aside from Kise. He’s brash, blunt, overconfident and has a huge superiority complex. And just like with all the other members, he has all the reason to be a braggart. The guy is an absolute beast on the court. He’s the perfect fusion of street ball skills mixed with textbook basketball play. Just look at the way the guy moves on the court.


But, unlike the rest of Teiko who were born with those sticks up their butts, Aomine was just as big a basketball otaku as Kagami. He was just another happy-go-lucky guy who just enjoyed throwing down on the black top for the sake of having fun.

See? Look how happy he is. Oh, look how happy he is.

Turns out being so great at basketball was his Achilles Heel. His desire to get better and better at the game saw his natural, raw talent soar to heights that others around him couldn’t possibly reach. He could dribble past guys with ease and shot from positions no human would ever think to do. This sudden realization that no one could ever be his equal on the court broke him. He became despondent and rarely interacted with his teammates, even Kuroko who had been his best friend the entire time. Basketball became less about being fun for him and more about seeing how badly he could destroy his opponents.


Aomine would fit perfectly in those Shakespearean/Greek tragedies I mentioned earlier. All he ever wanted was to find someone who he could call his rival. Someone with the same love for the game as him and with equal skills on the court. There was nothing mean-spirited about his methods at all before his personality got severely warped. I’m sure most of can relate to this sort of thing. I know I’ve lost a playmate or two because I was so much better than them at something. Once the fun is sucked out of any activity, all that remains is anger, resentment and depression. Poor guy..poor, naive guy….

The only one who can beat him…is him.

Which male character did you think stole the spotlight from the supposed main star of the anime in your opinion? Let me down below. I’m NEETaku, and this was Just…My 2 Cents!



2 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge Day 17: Favorite Male Supporting Character

  1. Probably Ryo in Kimi ni Todoke. I just really like him even though he’s an incredibly laconic character most of the time. I love how he kind of get’s all of the drama going on with the others but is happy just to watch and doesn’t really try to meddle in it unless he has to but how he’s still pretty clueless as to how to get what he wants.

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