30 Day Anime Challenge Day 18: Favorite Female Supporting Character


My pick for today’s topic doesn’t have that tragic of a back story!! That is…if you don’t count her brother ripping off her father’s arm because her culture has a history of children killing their parents….

Other than that, her past is pretty happy-go-lucky. Heh…heh…I really need to start liking people with happier lives…

For those who haven’t guessed, my choice for my fave female supporting character is:

Kagura from Gintama


Yeah, I chose another tomboy for this pick. So, what? Wanna fight about it?!

Kagura is one of those rare child anime characters as the creators of the show actually had her..*gasp*…act like an actual kid and not an adult trapped in a kid’s body. She’s naive to a fault, as shown in the very beginning when she was tricked by a gang to do their dirty work, and desires to be pampered by those around her.

Then there’s the other side of her. The super, ultra, mega, spectacularly violent side and crude side of her!

Digging for gold, or doing brain surgery?

To say that this little girl has a potty mouth is like saying the Grand Canyon is a tiny crack in the Earth. She will say any and everything that pops up into her head and doesn’t care who she insults when she speaks. As if being part of the reason why the guy lost his job, she basically destroys Hasegawa by calling him  a low-down, dirty, good for nothing bum who no one cares about and who will NEVER amount to anything good in this world! In other words, a MADAO.


The worst part about her having such a sharp tongue is that there’s really nothing you can do to get payback on her. Ya see, Kagura belongs to the Yato clan who are known for being extremely strong and indestructible warrior race. They are basically the Saiyans of the series as they’re mostly known for being assassins and mercenaries who spend most of their time offing people for profit. Needless to say, this is a chick who regularly punches through solid brick walls as a hobby.  Even Gintoki, the show’s protagonist, is no match for her when it comes down to just physical strength.

NEVER get on her bad side. You’ll live longer

It’s one thing to describe what an unstoppable force she is in a fight. It’s a whole other thing to see her in action. Here’s a video of what I consider the not only one of the greatest fights in the series, but in all of anime:

You have no idea how hard my jaw hit the floor watching this fight! I mean yeah, I had seen her get serious during a fight and seriously throw down, but she was still the sweet, caring little kid that we had grown to like. Here…for lack of a better term, she was an absolute monster! It was the first time we actually saw what she can REALLY do when she goes all out, and I don’t see how people weren’t walking on eggshells around her afterwards. Heaven help them all when she has to go through puberty, lol!

So, which female supporting char stole the show for you? Let me know in the comments below. Cause as always, this was Just…My 2 Cents!!


3 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge Day 18: Favorite Female Supporting Character

  1. Kagura was my favourite character from Gintama – though I only watched the first season of it. She’s just so much fun (even while being crude and violent). Plus, I love her pet.

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