30 Day Anime Challenge Day 19: Most Epic Scene Ever

Ladies and gentlemen of the anime community, allow me to reveal my pick for the Most Epic Scene in anime history ever by taking on a little trip down memory lane.


It’s the mid to late 90s and watching anime is still more of a cult hobby than a global phenomenon. You’ve just gotten off the bus after a long day of school, and you rush into the house to grab a snack & turn on the TV  just as the Toonami promos begin rolling. A while back Cartoon Network had decided to finally show the entire Dragon Ball Z series rather than just continue re-running the same episodes over and over. The episode you just tuned into is the aftermath of Goku’s Spirit Bomb  hitting Frieza dead on.

Mountain Dew in one hand and a mouthful of Doritos, your eyes bulge outward as it’s revealed that Frieza has survived Goku’s trump card. Not only that, but he’s just offed both Krillen and Piccolo in one, foul swoop. And as his attention suddenly turns to Gohan and you draw in closer to the TV eager to see what happens next, this happens(skip to about 55 seconds in):


All of us had seen clips and fragments of this golden-haired form in the intro to the show, but none of us actually knew what it was until Vegeta brought up that vague legend. Not only that, none of us had actually seen Goku totally pissed off before. Sure, he’s gotten angry, but never to the level that his entire body would burst into golden flames of pure rage!! To say I was starstruck when I saw this as a kid would be a giant understatement. This was the shot heard around the world in terms of being an anime fan in the 90s. Nobody wanted to talk about anything else the next day at school except Goku turning Super Saiyan for the first time. That’s just how EPIC a moment it was.

I’m NEETaku and that’s Just…My 2 Cents! Let me know your choices down below, though I doubt they’ll top mine. J/k.


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