30 Day Anime Challenge Day 20: Character That Gets On Your Nerves

Welp, so much for the roll I was on. The past few days of this challenge were a breeze as I didn’t have to think too hard about the answer to the prompts given. But today…today….uggghhh…

Hnnn…where’s the aspirin when you need it?

The problem isn’t that I can’t think of a character that gets on my nerves. It’s that there are WAY too many that do. I mean, I’ve already made a friggin’ list of the characters that should be forced on a boat, sailed out to the middle of the Pacific and then sunk tot he bottom by a missile strike.

But rather than relying on old choices, I decided to go with a new face. So, who’s got two thumbs and is the absolute scum of the Earth in my opinion?



Katsuki from My Hero Academia just rubs me in all the wrong ways. On top of being just an absolute jerk-off, the guy is the living embodiment of the racist/elitist undertones of the entire show. There’s not a single moment where he isn’t looking down on those who don’t have Quirks or bullying the main character Midoriya. The worst part of all of this is that he has NO REASON to be such a bag of douche! Allow me to explain things.

You see, the whole idea of people having Quirks is a brand new concept. This isn’t some world where superpowers just existed from the beginning. It took some cataclysmic event for them to begin showing up in random people. So, before 80% of the population were suddenly blessed with powers beyond belief, everyone was EXACTLY THE FRIGGIN’ SAME!! There was nothing differentiating Guy A from Guy B aside from how they looked. So why is it that Guy A suddenly has an inferiority complex as it pertains to Guy B just because Guy A suddenly got powers? It just doesn’t add up!!



Look, I know it’s not as simple as a coin flip when it come to who has Quirks or not, but that doesn’t give these ” Heroes” a reason to belittle those who haven’t got them. I mean, aren’t we supposed to be cheering these guys on for helping people? How am I supposed to root for a guy who’s basically a bigot? It would be like voting for Donald Trump!!


So, what character gets under your skin to the point that you wish they had never been drawn? Let me know down below. Cause as always, this was Just…My 2 Cents!!

9 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge Day 20: Character That Gets On Your Nerves

  1. character that gets on my nerves? well there is actually 3 known as the three idiots (from maid sama), in te first episode they were promising, but then the creators though “you know what? lets make them into retards”, and they are so irritating to listen to…

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  2. Hmmm, I think Quirks have been around long enough to become part of the culture, but I don’t get what he’s so mad about anyway. Midoriya showed a little consideration for him as a person, seeing past his fire-spewing powers, and this somehow upset him? He had such a problem with his friend giving him a hand up after he fell that he became obsessed with standing above him and everyone else? Not very rational, that. What’s so bad about someone being nice to you? And when one in five people doesn’t have a Quirk, how is Midoriya so rare?

    My pick, by the way, was Sanji, from One Piece. (that anime appeared many times in my anime challenge!)

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