30 Day Anime Challenge Day 21: Favorite Goofy Anime Character



Now that I’ve gotten that obvious joke out of the way, allow me to introduce the goofiest anime character that it’s ever been my pleasure of watch flop about on the screen. And chances are, you’ll never see my selection coming. Just like he never saw THIS coming:



Other than the interaction between Haruko and Naota, Kamon Nandaba was hands down the funniest part of FLCL. There was never a moment where he was either spouting some random pop culture pun or spewing some diatribe about anime or manga. In fact….I think that was the only purpose in the show. Now that I seriously think about, he never played a single role in the show other than being one of the various immature adults in Naota’s life.


I mean, there was that time Haruko used her feminine wiles to trick him into being a puppet for some experiment, but even then it turned into some knee slapping hilarious scene with Naota dragging is roach covered corpse all about the house.

I wish there was more to type, but I think this video would help a lot more:

Apologies for the short, bland post. Been kinda of a rough day for me and couldn’t really concentrate. But no worries, I’ve already the answer for tomorrows prompt in my head and it’s going to be a doozy. Until then, this was Just…My 2 Cents!

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