30 Day Anime Challenge Day 22: Favorite Anime Weapon, Gear or Armor

If there’s one thing that I can lay claim to as a blogger, at least in my mind, is that I try to think outside of the box. I try to think of and write about the most obscure things having to deal with anime. Not that I don’t enjoy mainstream shows or think I’m above anyone else, but there’s just a joy in finding shows and things to like that other people might have overlooked.

My pick for today’s prompt encapsulates this mindset better than anything I’ve written about thus far. So, what is the best weapon, gear or armor in anime that I’ve come across?

The Gravity Cannon from Zoids: Chaotic Century/Guardian Force


Be honest with yourselves, folks. How many of you even remember the 2nd of the Zoids shows that Cartoon Network re-ran for months and years? When most people think Zoids, they immediately go the series starring Bit Cloud and the Liger Zero. But while that show had its moments, it was Chaotic Century/Guardian Force that I enjoyed the most between the two of them. But that’s not what you hear for. You want to hear more about the ginormous, pulsating, long-range death dealer shown in the picture below. So, why don’t you give the a little explanation, Dr. D:

I will give you all a moment to pick your collective jaws off of the ground.

Short coffee break is short

Now that you’ve collected yourselves….HOLY FREAKING CRAP IS THAT THING AWESOME!! A long-range rifle that can shoot a shell that creates its own miniature black hole? Are you kidding me?! That has got to be the anime equivalent of the BFG from Doom. Why did they wait to use such a beautiful creation so late in the series? So many issues would have been solved by that thing! I don’t care how long it took to make the shells. Mass produce that bad boy now! I’ll take two of them myself!

Got a weapon or gear on par with the awe-inspiring behemoth that is the Gravity Cannon? Jot it down in the Comments section below. And as always, this was Just…My 2 Cents!!


6 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge Day 22: Favorite Anime Weapon, Gear or Armor

  1. I definitely remember the Zoids series – and while I think New Century was average at best, Chaotic Century remains a vastly underrated show in my opinion. In fact, I should really get around to finally re-watching that at some point.

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  2. Well, they didn’t create and use it earlier because it would have been too powerful, of course! And then they immediately surpassed it to show how powerful the final villain was! 🙂

    Heh, my pick was Usopp’s little bag of tricks. 🙂

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