30 Day Anime Challenge Day 26: Best Anime Fight

If you’ve regularly read my anime blog, you know I have a bad habit of repeating myself…repeating myself…repeating myself…repeating myself…


Look, it’s not my fault, okay? A lot of the topics that have been brought up during this long this anime challenge are ones that I’ve already addressed ahead of time. And this day is no different as I’ve already posted videos of my favorite battles in anime history on my Day 10 post. So needless to say I was put in quite a bind for the post I was supposed to write. But, like the main character of any shounen series ever, I was able to pull a proverbial rabbit out of my hat and found a way to win. Why don’t I just post the best fight from my favorite anime of all time, Hajime no Ippo, which just happens to be a fighting anime?

You said it, Spiderman

So, for your viewing pleasure, please enjoy the first battle between Ippo and his long time rival, Sendo. Could only find the full fight dubbed on Youtube, but don’t let the horrendous voice acting spoil the fight for you!! I’m NEETaku and this was Just…My 2 Cents!!

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