30 Day Anime Challenge Day 29: Anime I Wished Was Real

Ladies and gentlemen, we are almost there! Not including today’s post, there’s just one more day left in the 30 Day Anime Challenge. And, since I’m at my wit’s end from having to write on this blog for 30 days straight, I’m sooooo glad that the last 2 prompts I have to answer are relatively easy.

So, let’s not waste anymore time. Which anime, given the wide variety that exist, could an eccentric person like me possibly wish existed in our current reality? 3 Words:


This anime was a surprise hit for a lot of people when they first saw the trailers for it. Like most folks, I thought that it was going to be a bland, uninteresting schlock fest that whose sole purpose was to sell Gunpla. But as I’ve said before in my Top Anime List, it was much more that just a 20+ episode commercial. And given that I’m a HUGE FAN of building Gunpla models, it’s a no brainer that I’d want the ability to fight with the models I so painstakingly built!

Seriously, what could possibly be cooler than being able to man your favorite Gundam/Mobile Suit of all time and fighting against other people in a global tournament to prove who’s the best?! I’ll answer that one for you:


Burning Gundam vs Wing Zero…Strike Gundam vs the OG Gundam..Tallgeese vs Unicorn Gundam…The match-up possibilities are endless! And just think of the untapped market of fans this would reach out to. There would be a huge influx of people who would get into both anime and model building if this sort of world existed.

Huh…crazy thought…

Why not have the presidential election solved by a Gunpla fight? Seriously! No one knows who they want for president right now, and anyone who says they do is lying. So, since we can’t pick between Hilary and Trump, why not have them fight it out for the job? It would be waaaayyyy more exciting than having them debate over the economy or homeland security.

I don’t care how much money it would take, let’s make this happen, people!!!

Two go in…ONE COMES OUT!!! Two go in…ONE COMES OUT!!!

So, tomorrow’s the last day, eh? One more topic to talk about before I take a long break from typing. Here’s to finishing off with a bang! I’m NEETaku and this was Just…My 2 Cents!!



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