Top 6 English Anime Openings



OH YEAH!! I’M BACK, BABY! Fully recharged and rarin’ to get back in this anime blogging game. And what better way to get back into the swing of things with a good ol’ fashion list!!



Hey!! I just went an entire month making posts about every type of topic related to anime you can think of! I deserve to take it easy the first few days I come back from my break! Ungrateful cretins…

Anyways, a while back I made a post about why dubbing companies these days don’t go the extra mile anymore and either A) Create their own OSTs for the anime they dub or B) At least translate the songs into English. Say what you will about animation period in the 90s, if there’s one thing companies could do well it was making a kick butt opening theme song! I can’t be the only one who, as a kid, watched a cartoon/anime simply because the theme song was awesome! Sure, the majority of them turned out to be crap once it ended, but we were hooked nonetheless.

So, here’s my list of the shows that had the best themes that bygone era had to offer. Some of them might be obvious choices while others may surprise you. And speaking of surprises:

#6 Card Captor Sakura

To all you “tough guys” and “manly men”, don’t act like you didn’t jam to this song back in the day!! Even now in your heads you’re singing it just from the mere mention of the name. Cardcaptors was the 2nd guilty pleasure anime I watched growing up that I told NO ONE about. Cause you know…boys and girls stuff…Hey, I never said everything about 90s stereotypes made sense! Regardless, when this theme song hit on the WB, I was right there singing along and waiting to be whisked away on a mystical journey. And of course, the show didn’t disappoint.

#5 Shaman King

I never did quite understand why Shaman King did not have as much success in the States like a Naruto or a Bleach, especially given that the opening theme followed the 90s template when it came to such things. Hard rocking guitar, epic vocals and booming percussion in the background. How were kids not falling over each other trying to buy any and everything having to do with this anime?! Guess you really can’t predict what will become popular and what won’t.

#4 Ultimate Muscle: The Kinnikuman Legacy

What an underrated gem of a show. I think the only reason people gave it guff was because 4Kids brought it over to the West. If Funimation had done it I’m sure more people would sing its comedic praises. That is, when they aren’t singing along to the catchy beat of its intro music.

#3 Beyblade (2001)

I would like to stand up and applaud every single musician and songwriter who worked on the dubbing of the original Beyblade anime. These people did what many would think to be impossible: Get kids in the 90s/2000s to give a crap about a show whose main attraction were spinning tops! I kid you not when I say I can’t recall  ANYTHING about the plot to this anime. What can do is list every single track from the OST by name and not miss a single one! That’s just how good of a job those folks did with it. Do yourself a favor and look up the OST on Youtube. DO IT NOW!!!

#2 Dragon Ball Z/Sailor Moon

No doubt the majority of you were thinking that these two had to be somewhere on this list, if not in the very top spot. And with very good reason. Doesn’t matter what year you started watching anime, Rock the Dragon and the Sailor Moon theme are about as iconic as it can get. And just like the Cowboy Bebop dub, these songs were the standard that other shows had to aspire to meet. Infectiously catchy and incredibly well orchestrated, these theme songs will live on forever in the hearts of every anime fan young and old.

Okay NEETaku, you say, after gushing over those songs like that how can I say that there’s actually one better than both of em? Well, as difficult as it might seem, there is a show that surpasses them not only in opening theme songs, but in OSTs period. What show could that possibly be?

#1 Yu Yu Hakusho

I just can’t put my finger on it, folks. There’s just something about this show’s opening theme song that just POPS! Maybe it’s the catchy, bubblegum pop style or the excellent vocals that accompany it. Regardless, I find myself putting this track on “Repeat” more than most songs from that era. And don’t even get me started on the Ending themes for this show! Every single one of those songs are a bonafide hit! If they were to release all of them on CD right now I guarantee that sucker would go Double Platinum.

Go listen to this song and the rest of them now! You’ll thank me for it later. I’m NEETaku and that was Just…My 2 Cents!!

2 thoughts on “Top 6 English Anime Openings

  1. Sailor Moon was probably my favourite English song. It actually took me awhile to like the Japanese version because to me the English version was the original (I watched Sailor Moon when I was young and didn’t really get that it was anime at the time).

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