NEETaku Revisits The Past: Fanservice

Man…did I ever start off the blogging like a ball of fire. Right out of the gate I let loose a firestorm of a post by tackling one of the most hated & celebrated aspects of anime culture: Fanservice. You either love it, hate it, REALLY hate it or just don’t give a crap about it either way. Either you think it’s ruining anime as a whole, or you think those who despise it are just uptight prudes that need to get over themselves. One thing we can ALL can agree on is that fanservice, for better or worse, serves only one purpose these days: making money for anime producing studios.

At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about

If you haven’t noticed by now after all of the posts I’ve written thus far, I have a penchant for dwelling in the land of hyperbole. I go waaaayyy  over the top responding to things simply for comedic affect. I really don’t believe the concept of fanservice is gradually draining the blood out of the anime industry like a vampire suckling on the neck of a virgin female. Honestly speaking, there were times when I was younger that I acted just like all the body pillow hugging, figurine owning otakus that companies are mostly pandering to today. We’ve all had that period in our anime watching journey at one point in time, male or female.


Even the staunchest, most die-hard otaku has to admit that sometime in the mid 2000s there was a seismic shift in the anime industry as far what type of shows were being made. Gone are the days were almost every genre you could think of was represented and pretty much separated from one another. Now the most of the shows today fall mostly into 4 categories:

  • Romantic comedies with varying amounts of fanservice
  • Slice of life shows that mostly revolve around school settings
  • Ecchi series that try to promote themselves as something they aren’t
  • Moe blob shows

To clarify, I’m not speaking in hyperbole when I say that in every season of anime for the past decade those 4 types of shows have dominated the population. At least 70% of each season’s cabinet is filled to the brim with those otaku pandering anime. This, people, is what people like me are “complaining” about. Because the otakus are giving them the most views/money, anime companies have shifted their focus to making sure this niche of the anime community is who they serve first. And that is just….wrong…

Yeah. THESE people are controlling things now.

If you are an anime superfan and decide to live your life fully dedicated to it, that is your choice and I have no right to tell you otherwise. However, I also have every right to get annoyed with having to sift through all of your waifu shows so I can find something that actually had some thought put into it. As I’ve said before in the past, too much of anything is never good. The over-saturation of the anime industry with shows dedicated to moe blobs and fanservice is hampering the spread of it to the casual fan in a way it never has in the past. And it’s all because companies just want to fill their pockets with even more money than they already have. It’s almost become a requirement for budding writers/anime creators to have some form of fanservice in their work, whether it be subtle or overt. Heck, even established shows that have been running for ages aren’t exempt from this trend. Case in point:


Besides the obvious pandering to otakus, what other logical reason could there be for Nami’s bust exploding to such unnatural proportions over time? No, I’m not ignorant to the concept of characters growing up with the passage of time in a series. But come ooooooonnnnnn people!! There’s no way you can use that flimsy excuse to explain Nami going from grapefruits to full-blown watermelons!!

Seriously, people! There’s nothing natural about those!

And no, I’m not just picking on Nami. Almost every female char in One Piece that gets some significant form of camera time has gotten the same treatment. The mermaid princess, Nico Robin and Viola from the Dressrosa Arc are just a few I can name off the top of my head. Heck!! Rebecca was basically fighting naked then entire time!!! I know I’ve already used a ton of images already, but…


Just look at it!! I mean…I mean come on!! She’s freaking naked, people!! There’s no justification for this outfit! Let’s just call it what it is: Shameless fanservice for the sake of pleasing otakus who will gobble up the eventual figurine that will come from this.

Okay, okay…allow me to calm down for a second. Because as much as I’ve harped on about anime studios and otakus bearing the blame for the influx of fanservice, fans like me are to blame as well. A former co-worker once told me that as long as there’s a market for something, it will always exist. Simply put, we failed to cut off the head of the snake and are now paying the price. Those of us who despise this sort of shameless pandering didn’t do are part to nip things in the bud early on and are now having to deal with the consequences. Not saying that things can’t be done now to sort of shift things to a more normalized state. It’s just going to be a lot harder now that the industry has become set in its ways.



Am I just blowing hot air yet again? Bashing my head against a wall that will never be broken down? As always, let me know down below. Cause as always, this is Just…My 2 Cents!



22 thoughts on “NEETaku Revisits The Past: Fanservice

  1. I had fun reading this. I agree about Rebecca. It’s kinda ridiculous if you ask me. I can understand about Nami because from the past to now, she was still developing in her body but that last picture was crazy.

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  2. This was a great read on the topic fan service, some very true points you brought out about fan service being used for the sake of throwing in certain series to please the droolers. It’s not something that will just fashion but continue on XD

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  3. A nice, good rant on fanservice *thumbs up*
    Personally, I can ignore the fanservice most of the time unless it actively messes with the plot. A pet peeve of mine is the impossible bust sizes. I can suspend disbelief for a lot of things but breasts that would literally snap one’s spine with their weight is where I draw the line (I’m looking at you, H.O.T.D’s Shizuka).

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    • Lol. Thanks for the compliment. I’m with you as far as fanservice interfering with the plot of a show. Unless it’s an ecchi series, I can’t stand that sort of thing.

      Oh…and if impossible bust sizes are a pet peeve for you, then don’t ever watch Eiken. xD

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  4. I am okay with harmless eye candy. Gorgeous women in skimpy outfits isn’t exclusive to Japanese animation so I think fan service is here to say. That said no one can predict the future. If negative backlash impacts business companies will change their ways. Video game publishers for example have been censoring Japanese games due to cries of sexism from feminists.

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    • I agree with the whole harmless eye candy thing. I mean, as a dude, it’s literally natural for me to enjoy the female form with modesty. My biggest pet peeve, as explained, is companies using it solely to make money, especially when it’s to the detriment of a potentially great show.

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  5. You brought up a lot of great points about fanservice. I really didn’t consider how it is affecting the production of anime. Even as a female, I can ignore it for the most part, but when it starts getting overly gratuitous (to the point of distraction) that is when it becomes a problem. Great review and the added humor made reading it much more enjoyable.

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      • I’m glad. Often so many posts I see are all the same. They read almost like a news report. So if you can make it humorous and still get points across… absolutely go for it! I’m eager to read more 🙂

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      • You’ve got the nail on the head. Not that I don’t like the news report style of writing, but I want my blog to be another review site. I want it to feel organic and casual. I want people to read posts as of they are conversing with a friend that’s right next to them.


  6. You’ve made a lot valid points. Personally, I don’t like fanservice when I’m watching anime. It’s watchable at times, but it really impacts negatively on the viewing experience when it becomes clear that a series is relying on it.

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  7. Great read, and agree with your points. Very well said!
    Nami’s boobs…/shakes head
    I hate when they do that, ohwell.
    I don’t mind fanservice, whichever the sex, as long as it isn’t the sole focus of the show, otherwise BYE.

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  8. I think the spirit of your post is a good one but I’d be lying if I didn’t get a little tilted reading it because I generally dislike this perspective that anime is ‘becoming’ this thing. I know you say yourself that some of what you’ve written is hyperbole but you dismiss that when you bring up what “70% of each season is made up of”. 70 percent? The majority of romantic comedies over the past couple years have little to no fan-service with the subset of them that do being in the minority. Slice of life shows that take place in schools are an extremely pervasive genre but don’t really have anything to do with fan-service or even pandering for the most part. Ecchi series that market themselves as something else is generally a perception thing – if you look at the studio, director, and source material, you can usually tell what is trying to peddle that sort of thing and honestly I don’t see many legitimately ecchi shows getting through the genre tagging process without being flagged. Moe blob shows exist but I wouldn’t say that they, or any of the things listed, together make up nearly as much of the airing anime seasons as you say they do.

    I looked over this current season and there were a few idol shows, a couple slice of lifes, and a bit of fan-service additions but for the most part the stuff airing is pretty diverse. The slice of life shows are about scuba diving, playing baseball, and a father and his daughter cooking. Yeah there’s stuff like New Game! and Taboo Tattoo and Masou Gakuen but for every show that’s like that – there’s a 91 days, or a Berserk, or an Arslan Senki. I just don’t agree with the idea that every season is being dominated by these pandering, fan-service heavy, ‘otaku shows’ when to me – they clearly aren’t.

    I get just as annoyed as anybody else each time I check the new season listings, control+find “School” and watch the results poor in. I’m sick and tired like everybody else of shows involving a fantasy setting, some self-insert protagonist character, and a boy meets girl premise. But those shows don’t even define the season, much less the year they air in. Also, to play devil’s advocate further, isn’t Nami’s bust size as well as Rebecca’s more reflective of the state of manga or of Oda’s style more than anything else? Those characters existed as they are in that form first and the show didn’t change anything about their designs to sexualize them more to my knowledge. Sorry if this came off more as a rant than a response but I just wanted to offer my perspective on the matter. I think your message is good but I don’t think things are as fatalistic as you make them out to be and though you acknowledge your own hyperbole, it’s probably better to talk about these kinds of things in a more intricate, case-by-case manner.

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    • No need to apologize for the long post. As far as the whole 70% goes, perhaps that number was a bit bigger than necessary. Maybe 55% would’ve been a more accurate percentage. On the subject of Nami’s bust size, I don’t agree with the change being a result of the manga’s state or Oda’s style. Their size int he Franky Arc were already bigger than ever before but it didn’t bother me all that much. Just chocked it up to the passage fo time. But after the time skip….I just doesn’t add up.

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  9. Personally, I think it depends on how the fanservice is used in regards to the series as a whole.
    Showing high amounts of fan service in a series like “Monsume” for example, would work out perfectly, because that is what the show is built around. Even series like” Highschool DxD” can get away with fanservice because their story more or less makes up for it (if you can look past all of the naked body parts).
    I think fanservice in general is alright, as long as it’s done in a way suitable to the theme and concept of the series. But, that’s just me.

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