NEETaku Goes Off-Topic: Korrasami Doesn’t Feel Canon

I want to make something clear before I go on to explain myself. The sexual orientation of anybody outside of myself means jack squat to me. Whether you are  straight or a member of the LGBTQ community is none of my business. This post is not a condemnation of homosexual people, but merely me sharing my opinion on the pairing of Korra and Asami from the Legend of Korra cartoon.

That being said…KORRASAMI SUCKS!!!!!

Me reacting to all Korrasami fans out there who now want to kill me


Ok, ok…maybe saying it sucks was a bit too blunt. I should say that execution of the Korrasami pairing was done about as sloppily as…well…most of the romance in the series. The only couple that seemed to come together naturally in that show was Bolin and Eska, and that was just one big shotgun wedding! And I know most of you are going give the excuse that Nickelodeon’s indecision about LoK pretty much hampered the series or that the creators couldn’t just come out and do a bisexual character in a kid’s show, but I call shenanigans on all of that! To me, Korrasami feels like the creators giving in at the last-minute to the thousands of shippers that dwell on 4chan, Tumblr and Reddit.

And before you go and say I’m against shipping, let me clarify that I myself have shipped characters before. If you’ve seen at least one harem anime, you’ve shipped at least once or twice. Again, the pairing itself is not the issue here, it’s the execution of said couple. The so-called evidence that claim this was the goal all along is either extremely weak or can be construed as “close friends doing close friends” things. To further make my point, I’m going to tackle the 2 biggest pieces of proof fans of Korrasami use to justify it being canon.

#1 Korra Only Writing To Asami


This is, by far, the most brought up scene in the show that fans of Korrasami use to justify their pairing. And while there’s something there that’s worth a bit of merit, in the end it all falls flat. Allow me to explain:

Korra was dubbed the new avatar at a very early age. Like, she couldn’t have been more than 5-6 years old when those sages came by her house. So, naturally, she was cut off from the outside world in order for her to train and master the elements of Water, Earth & Fire. And when I say cut off, I mean cut off. The only people she ever interacted with were all solely involved with her perfecting her craft. On top of that, excluding her mother and Katara, the vast majority of the people she interacted with during that time were male.

Fast forward to Korra growing up and moving to Republic City to learn air bending. This period in time begins Korra’s budding interaction with people within her age range. You wanna know why she was head over heels for Mako when she first met the guy? It’s because he was literally the first guy her age that she spent any close time with. Just look at how fragile their romance was throughout the entire series. That’s because it wasn’t based on love but simple attraction. I’m not sure if they ever schooled her on the rules of love or what not when she was training, but clearly Korra didn’t possess a good amount of knowledge on the subject before going to Republic City.

Now, let’s talk about the whole only writing to Asami. The answer to why she did this is actually quite simple: SHE WAS HER ONLY FEMALE FRIEND HER AGE!!


I mean honestly, I can’t understand how people miss something so obvious. Who better to understand the issues she’s going through from a female perspective than…wait for it…another female! It’s the same with Aang in the original series. Whenever he needed some advice he sought Sokka or some other dude because a male would be able to relate to him better. Not saying a chick couldn’t have helped him cause duhhh…many did. But it’s foolish to not understand that there are male only issues and female only issues. I mean, if she had only written Katara, would people say they are a couple too? It’s simple common sense, folks. Nothing more.

Or, you could just be reading too far into things….

#2 The Reuniting of Team Avatar

This was going to be an emotionally driven moment for anyone, regardless of gender or depth of relationship with Korra. She’s the friggin’ Avatar, man! Of course the whole world would rejoice when she returned to them and vice versa. But leave it to the shippers to blow the whole thing out of proportion.

First, there are the hugs she gave to both Mako and Asami:



People….they’re hugs…Who cares if the hug she gave Asami was a tad bit closer in proximity than the one she gave Mako. You’re making a mountain out of a mole hill. What if Bolin hugged Opal a bit closer than he did Mako? Does that mean Bolin loves her more than his own brother? I know that shippers have to find evidence to support their theories, but come onnnnn…You gotta admit this is a weak one.

Then there’s the whole issue with Asami complimenting Korra’s new hairdo:



I so hate to beat a dead horse, but once again: SHE’S HER ONLY FEMALE FRIEND HER AGE!! If your best female, ladies, complimented you on your new clothes or your new hairdo, wouldn’t that make you a bit giddy/blush? Heck, when one of my guy friends in the past made a big deal about something new I got/did, even guy I got a bit red in the face by their words. Once again, you’re blowing things out of proportion, folks. Calm down and examine things objectively. This was just two friends reconnecting after a long time apart.

Friends hold hands too! Stop overreacting!

All of my blustering may not amount too much given that the creators have deemed Korrasami canon. What’s more, some of you may just think I’m sore my ship didn’t get out of the docks. Honestly, I thought Korra should have stayed single. They had already done the romance thing with Aang in the first series. How great would it have been if they had showed us the struggle of Korra dealing with the fact that, because of her responsibilities, she could never find true love? Seeing her going through that sort of torment would have been something to see IMO.

But, when it’s all said and done, this is Just…My 2 Cents!

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