NEETaku Goes Off-Topic: Teen Titans Go Isn’t That Bad

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You say Teen Titans Go is the animated equivalent of shaking keys in front of a baby’s face?

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You say TTG has ruined all of your favorite DC characters forever?

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You say because of TTG you can never watch the original Teen Titans series ever again?

Well then, I only have one thing to say to all of you Teen Titans fanboys and fangirls out there:



Fanboys/girls: ” Now wait just a second..”


Look, I’ve been guilty on many occasions of refusing to take off my nostalgia goggles just to preserve the childhood awesomeness of the many shows I watched as a kid. But, the amount of venom that has been spewed in the face of TTG is just unwarranted and kind of embarrassing for fans of the original Teen Titans show. Granted, I myself was waaaaayyy skeptical of the series when it first aired. But, after actually watching the show, I can honestly say it’s not half bad as far as comedies are concerned. It’s not always laugh out loud, slap your knee funny, but it has its moments. And it’s definitely not the atom bomb that obliterated all that was good and holy about the first cartoon, like most people claim it to be.


From what I can tell, most of the TTG critics take issue with how the characters are portrayed. How they don’t act the same way that they did in the original show. But that’s just it: It’s NOT the original show! This show is a straight comedy series that is not meant to be taken seriously. Plus, it’s not like they act THAT much different. Robin is still obsessive, Raven is still mostly doom and gloom, Starfire is still happy-go-lucky and Beast Boy is still a comedian and not that bright.

Then there are the people who complain about the show being more comedy than action. Uhhh….HAVE YOU EVEN SEEN THE ORIGINAL TEEN TITANS SHOW?! There were TONS of comedic moments in there! Heck, they even played the Japanese version of the theme song beforehand just to let you know the upcoming episode was going to focus heavily on comedy! Did all of you critics just purposely wipe those things from your minds?


I get it. After the first Teen Titans show ended on one of the laziest cliffhangers ever put on TV, we all hungered for a continuation of things. But just because things didn’t turn out the way you wanted doesn’t mean you have to crap on TTG unnecessarily. Sure, after the 1st season or two, the show’s kinda fallen into the usual kid show trappings of relying on fart jokes and what not, but it still has its moments even now. How about trying to watch TTG without comparing it to Teen Titans, folks? You might actually enjoy yourself.

Yeah….try and act like you didn’t enjoy this, you little whiners!!!

Only getting one post in this week due to illness. Gonna try to put out at least 2-3 a week starting next week. I’m NEETaku and that was Just…My 2 Cents!

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