NEETaku Rants: Tien Is Stronger Than Krillen…PERIOD!!!

Ichigo vs Kenshin. Naruto vs Luffy. Goku vs…well…pretty much anybody else. For as long as shounen battle manga have been around many a young male, or gal, has gotten into a heated debate over who’s favorite hero would beat the other one. But one particular contest has, in my opinion, gone uncontested for quite some time. Simply put, who is the strongest human being in the Dragonball/Z Universe: Krillin or Tienshenhan.

Random Anime Fanboy: ” Well technically Uub is the strongest huma…”


Uub doesn’t count, dang it! He’s a reincarnation of a super powerful villain, NOT a natural-born human being! Enough with that stupid argument!

Now, many would argue that Krillen by default would be the strongest of the two. But, like many others do, I believe that Tien is hands down way stronger and that it’s not even a contest. And while there are tons of points to be made for either warrior, allow me to put the main bits of evidence that people bring up to defend either side of the argument.

Krillen’s Hidden Potential vs Tien’s Time With King Kai

The biggest argument for or against Krillin/Tien would be the time the latter spent on King Kai’s planet & the former’s hidden potential being unleashed by Guru. Now, diehard fans of the series would bring up the issue of the anime vs the manga when talking about this topic. Because there aren’t any panels in the manga explicitly showing that King Kai actually trained Tien, Chiaotzu, Yamcha or Piccolo, some say that they pretty much stayed at the same level they were at before getting killed off by Nappa.


While I will concede the fact that Tien’s “training” by King Kai was only shown int he anime, it doesn’t MEAN that he WASN’T trained by King Kai. Aside from Krillen, Gohan and Yamcha, the majority of the Z Warriors are die-hard fighters that seek to improve themselves each and every day. There is no way that Piccolo or Tien, rivals of Goku, would pass up a chance to not only train, but be trained by the guy who made Goku a bajillion times stronger. It just doesn’t add up given their personalities.

Now onto the subject of Krillin’s hidden potential. Yes, having it be released gave him a significant boost and helped a ton when it can to battling the Ginyu Force and Frieza…


Who’s to say that the sudden boost in power was enough to overtake Tien in the hierarchy? Less we forget, Krillin almost got his butt handed to him by Chiaotzu in Dragon Ball, which would lead anyone to surmise that Tien would’ve mopped the floor with him at the time. Just because he had hidden potential doesn’t mean he necessarily dwarfed Tien in power. It just means that whatever height of power he would’ve reached eventually was instantly given to him. And on the subject of power vs power…

Krillin/Tien vs Cell (Any form)

Another big arguing point between Krillin and Tien are their encounters with Cell during the Androids saga. The most notable of these would be Tien using the Ki Ko Ho to stop Cell in his tracks after he absorbed Android 17. As for Krillin…well…if you can’t tell from the image, most of his interactions with Cell ended up with him being kicked through a ship, then kicked unconscious a few moments later after Cell became perfect. Clearly this would no doubt prove that Tien surpasses Krillin in strength, right? Unfortunately, a good portion of the fan base don’t think that way. And to them I would like to say that they are:


How could this not be the most definitive proof available to cement Tien’s claim of being the strongest human being? Cell has shown on numerous occasions that he can LITERALLY walk through an opponents attack. He did it when Vegeta tried to barrage him with Ki blasts, remember? Not to mention he brushed off Piccolo’s ultimate technique in his Imperfect Form. That’s a clear indication that the type of attack used against him makes a huge difference. And when it comes to ranking ultimate attacks, the Destructo Disc is NOTHING compared to the Ki Ko Ho. Not only that, but the amount of power needed to repeatedly push him down again and again proves that Tien had a deeper pool to tap into than Krillin.

But if that wasn’t enough to convince you, allow me to bring up one more point.

Krillin’s Level of Dedication vs Tien’s Level

Think about it for a sec, folks. Right after the defeat of Frieza, and before his return, there was significant gap in time. Ask yourself this: What was Krillin doing during that time gap and what was Tien doing? If you can’t recall, Krillin was busy trying to impress Marron and going all around town buying her clothes & dinners. Tien, on the other hand, was in the friggin’ mountains with Chiaotzu working his butt off. you trying to tell me that whatever “gap” that occurred between them after Guru released Krillin’s potential couldn’t have or wasn’t closed during that time?

Krillin literally sat around on his butt while Tien continued beefing himself up. And as anyone can tell you, constantly working out leads to greater gains in strength and physical ability. Even if you assume that Tien did jack squat on King Kai’s planet, his being in a perpetual state of improving  more than makes up for whatever steroid injection Krillin got from Guru.

Sorry Krillin, but once again: YOU FAIL!!


But what do I know? This is, after all, Just…My 2 Cents!!




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