NEETaku Rants: Wait…HOW Old Is He/She?!

Ladies of the anime community, I’d like you to take a look at this picture for a moment:



For those not in the know, this is a picture of Kunimitsu Tezuka, a tennis player from the Prince of Tennis anime/manga. Now, after taking a good look at the guy, I have but one question to ask you: Would you go out with him? And while you you’re pondering that, allow the fact that he’s 14 years old fumble around in your head as well.

Yes. The guy you’re currently looking at is nothing more than a middle schooler, you crib robbing sickos!!

Just how much tea was in that cup?

Age is just a number is a slogan that anime had adopted for quite a while now, especially with the advent of…shudders…Loli characters. You know, those female characters who look like they should still be learning their ABC’s but are somehow old enough to get a learner’s permit…

I’m looking at you, Lucky Star!

Those wretched, vile creatures aside, I’ve noticed over time that a significant amount of anime characters rarely look the age they claim to be. And it’s not just with teenagers and other young folk. Even some supposedly older characters make me do a double take when I find out just got old they really are. For example:


Do the creators of Bakuman really expect me to believe this broad is 40? Are you kidding me?! She doesn’t look a day over 25 and they know it! And what about Luffy from One Piece? Even after that huge time skip in the series he STILL looks like a high schooler getting ready for midterms. I can understand the whole age thing being used for comedic purposes, but other times it’s just mind-boggling. Not tear your hair out maddening like traps, but it does throw you off sometimes.

I think it’s mostly a shounen/shojo thing. Like every one of those types of anime I’ve watched had a cast mostly consisting of teenagers or pre-teens. You know, cause angsty, chemically unbalanced human beings are the type of folks that I want saving the world! Seriously, why is it that destiny never settles for a 30 something hero who has a good hold on how the world works? How many times do we have to watch one of these emotionally constipated nut jobs make a decision based on their hormones that ultimately dooms us all before we stop putting our trust in those twerps?!

Now that I think about it… Why aren’t there more adult harem anime? Not adult as in sex and what not. Harem anime where the cast is made up of adults and not middle/high schoolers. I don’t think there’s EVER been one of those. What? Do people think that irrationality of finding love dies off when you hit 18? It that was the case I would’ve had a girlfriend by now!


Ugh… Maybe I’m just making s mountain out of a mole hill. As stated before, it’s not THAT big of an annoyance. Just one of those talking points that always seem to buzz about my brains. Let’s just hope that whole Loli nonsense finally dies out and we can get back to knowing just how old people really are.

I’m NEETaku and this was Just… My 2 Cents!

14 thoughts on “NEETaku Rants: Wait…HOW Old Is He/She?!

  1. I find it just as off-putting when they have twenty something year olds play highschoolers in American TV shows or movies. Sometimes the characters are pushing thirty and pretending to be 16 or 17 and to be honesty it is disturbing. That said, it is fiction so may as well leave it be. My biggest issue in anime is when the characters are meant to represent a range of ages and other than being told how old someone is there is no discernible difference. That makes it hard to buy into the story.

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  2. Prince of Tennis ages are absolutely ridiculous. I originally thought they were high schoolers but nope. And Sanada is even worse than Tezuka in that aspect.

    Mostly though, I find improbably anime ages kinda amusing…

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  3. Oh man yeah, the age thing is so weird! I love it when series make them age-realistic the most, it really grounds the series, unlike being told some old dude is 40 but looks in his 20’s lol

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  4. I’m not fussed about the age of fictional characters. An artist could draw someone and say they are either 13 or 19. The exact same image could be classed as “you pedo” or “they are hot” based on nothing more than a made up number. Doesn’t help either that you can have lolis who are century old vampires or a hottie who is a one year old clone that looks 20 due to accelerated ageing technology.

    An adult harem could be interesting. I suppose they are more rare because a mature person should be less naive when it comes to romance. Five girls are throwing themselves at you? Instead of feeling awkward you would just pick one and enjoy the relationship.

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