NEETaku Asks: How To Make Sword Art Online Better?


Me: ” Shh…keep still for a moment, folks. If we keep our voices low, maybe he won’t show u…”

Random Anime Fanboy:


Me: ” DOG GONE IT!!”

Random Anime Fanboy: ” How dare you try to improve upon something that is already perfect!? You charlatan! You creep! You…you..ragamuffin!!”

Whoa..whoa! Do you kiss your mother with that mouth, young man?!

I’ve said in the past that nothing man-made is perfect. As long as human hands are involved in its creation, there will always be ways to improve upon any invention/movie/anime. And no army of otakus and fanboys can convince me that Sword Art Online doesn’t need an updated patch or two.

Get it? Cause it’s a MMORPG anime…Hahaha..ha….


Moving ON!! I’m not one of those “haters’ who think that SAO is a load of steaming garbage masquerading as masterpiece of the highest order. To me it’s the anime equivalent to Frozen: Incredibly animated but has issues with its execution. So, I’ve taken it upon myself to list just a few things that, if changed, could make SAO worth all of the hype that it has gotten over the years. Starting with..

Give Asuna Back Her Dignity!!


If there’s one thing haters and lovers of the series can agree, it’s that Asuna was a total powerhouse…in the very beginning. But, sometime after the whole murder case she solved with Yolko and Kirito, all of the strong, female protagonist traits she once possessed got drained out of her. She then took her role behind Kirito as the token tsundere trope that could only accomplish anything if her “man” was holding her hand. Needless to say, a lot of people were pissed off by that. Seriously, that would be like taking Wonder Woman and turning her into some love struck puppy that couldn’t beat a single villain unless Superman was there to pet her on the head.

What was the point of presenting Asuna as such a dominant presence so early on if you were just going to eventually regulate her to the ” Damsel in Distress” roll all along? Did they think she would steal some of Kirito’s thunder if she was shown to be continually on the same level as he was? It’s a friggin’ MMO, people! There’s never been a single MMORPG where there was just 1 single OP character. Asuna should have stayed at the top of the heap where she belonged. The entire series would have benefited from having her there.

Man Up…I mean…WOMAN UP, DANG IT!!


Turn Off The God Mode Cheat For Kirito


Growing up in a time where every video game was set to ” Slit your wrist after dying 100 times” hard mode 24/7, I can understand the desire to be that one OP player who can destroy anything just by merely blinking one eye. But that’s when we are playing video games,  NOT watching a gamer geek on-screen in an anime. Not even hardcore gamers like me could relate to Kirito. He was too perfect even for us. Even the times where he “lost” he still managed to find a way to pull some unforeseen MacGuffin out of his rectum to turn the tables in his favor. Surviving being stabbed with the pain sensors of the game turned up to 11, hacking the code of a game that he only beta tested…Parting the Red Sea…Ok maybe not that last one, but you get my point, people!

If the show’s creators wanted us to get behind Kirito, they should’ve toned the guy’s Plot Armor from the very beginning. No one likes a perfect character. No One!

And lastly…

Figure Out What Type Of Anime You Want To Be!!

Make up your minds, dang it!!

Too many cooks spoil the broth, and too many ideas jumbled up into one anime will NEVER work out well. SAO just could not get out of its own way IMO. It didn’t know whether it wanted to be a serious, psychological drama ala .hack//SIGN, or an actual MMO anime similar to Log Horizon. It’s like the MMO anime genre was simply the SAO pie, and the filling was made up over various other genres just smashed into it hoping it’ll come out tasting fine. Spoiler Alert: It tasted like utter crap.

Man Eating Pepperoni Pizza
Just because…

Look, I get it SAO. You wanted to appeal to as many otakus as you possibly could. You wanted money from all the gamer otakus, the body pillow buying otakus and the moe loving ones as well. But in the end all you did was create a Frankenstein monster that ended up coming to bite you in the butt in the end. There was no need for you to shoehorn in harem anime elements into a show that was meant to be taken seriously. If you had just stuck to your gut SAO could’ve been an epic tale for all time. But alas, you pooped on that opportunity. Pooped on it!!

Was there something I missed, or perhaps you have your own ideas on how Sword Art Online could’ve done better? Let me know in the comments below. In other news, I just got a free trial for CrunchyRoll and plan to binge on anime this weekend. So look out for many “3 Up, 3 Down” posts in the following days.

I’m NEETaku and this was Just…My 2 Cents!!

11 thoughts on “NEETaku Asks: How To Make Sword Art Online Better?

  1. I so look forward to your posts. I literally laughed out loud at work (thankfully most of the office has headphones in). Keep up the entertaining, insightful posts!

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  2. I do love NEETaku rants.

    I made a lot of these same points in my review. My biggest gripe was Kirito and how he defeated a MMO pretty much single handedly. The series simply couldn’t be bothered to develop anyone else, Asuna included, to give him any companions that might steal his glory. It’s a well done anime in many ways, but my enjoyment factor, along with everything else in the game it seems, was killed by Kirito.

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  3. I like SAO, though I do agree with your point about Asuna. Kirito being overpowerd doesn’t bother me and the mixed tones doesn’t really concern me too much because it is that aspect of it that allows to talk some people into watching an anime that they might not otherwise give a go. I’m not going to defend SAO as being brilliant because I get where the criticisms comes from, but I’m pretty happy with what it is.

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