Top 6 Most Uncomfortable Anime Moments

Whether we like to admit it or not, we care creatures of both comfort and habit. Sure, we say we want to be adventurous and step out into the unknown as much as possible, but in the end we are more inclined to shy away from awkward situations and shrink back into our little bubbles. And so, today I’m counting the Top 6 moments in anime that made of all of us as uncomfortable as having the automatic toilet flushing itself while we’re still on it.

I wasn’t readdddyyyyy!!!!

#6 Mamimi Rejects Naota (FLCL)


We’ve all been there. You pump yourself with motivational songs, secret mantras spoken silently in your head and various other means all in an effort to finally confess your feelings to the dude/dudette you’ve got a thing for. Then, once you’ve finally opened that can of worms, they go and rip your heart out by saying ” They’re just not into you.”




There’s nothing more earth shattering than being told by your dream girl/guy that you have no chance with them. And watching Naota get rejected by a chick who LITERALLY got off on teasing him in a sensual manner was as tough to watch as seeing an elderly person try on a thong. And yes…I’ll spare you the image of that.

#5 Jim Killing Hanmyo (Outlaw Star)


You know what, I take back what I said before. There is something worse than being rejected by the love of your life: Killing her by accident! That’s exactly what happens to poor Jim Hawkings from Outlaw Star while the crew was docked at some space colony. He meets up with Hanmyo, a member of the assassin group hired to kill the Outlaw Star crew, and they instantly connect with one another. After having a successful first date, the duo plan on meeting up again right after they each take care of business.

Alas…that date would never come to pass. Jim and the gang end up killing Hanmyo in a grappler ship battle, and Jim is shown at the end of the episode waiting for a date that would never come. Even as  kid I found that whole scene  unsettling…like getting caught on the kiss cam with your sister.


#4 Oishi and Kikumaru’s Celebration After Winning Nationals (Prince of Tennis)

Look…I know that in the heat of the moment people are prone to do things they normally wouldn’t do. That’s especially true when it comes to winning in sports or on a game show. How many times have we seen players drop & break the championship trophy, or people slipping while trying to celebrate with Drew Carey on the Price Is Right? However, not even that excuse the way Oishi and Kikumaru celebrated after they won their match in the Nationals tournament. Imean…just look at this…



Ok, first off, this was clearly done as bait for all those Oishi/Eiji shippers out there. Secondly, I don’t care HOW close you get as friends/teammates, crotch to face interactions is a line NO ONE should ever cross!! I can’t understand why Oishi didn’t just powerbomb Kikumaru when he jumped on top of him like that! It just looks so…eewww! It’s like staring at a fat guy wearing short shorts!

And no…I WON’T spare you that image!!


#3 Azuki’s Radio Interview (Bakuman)


I’m totally not for the idol otaku sub culture that thrives within Japan. The idea that these young girls basically have to deny themselves almost every human comfort just to please self-righteous, self entitled jerkwads who are too much of a coward to try to find a girlfriend of their own. Yes, I know that intense job market in Japan has caused a lot of social anxiety for males, but that’s no excuse for these morons driving a girl to shave her head as an apology for “betraying fans” by having a boyfriend.

Yes, this actually happened.

This sort of asinine behavior was highlighted in Bakuman when Azuki was forced by the company she worked for to denounce the fact she and Mashiro were a couple. You know, AFTER some otakus outed her on the Interwebz! She doesn’t deny things, however, and the radio broadcast she does becomes super uncomfortable afterwards, with people calling her all kinds of names and asking her personal questions about her love life. Go and watch episode 22 of season 3 to see just how messed up it all is. It’s like watching a little kid repeatedly fail at something.


#2 Shuu Tsukiyama ( Tokyo Ghoul)

Is there really any explanation needed for this choice? You all know what’s coming.



A picture, or rather video, says a thousand words so I’m moving on to number 1.

#1 The Death of Kenny ( Gungrave)

He’s the one in the blue shirt.

There is never a reason to kill a kid. NEVER!! I don’t care if the guy assassinated the president, or plunged the world into a nuclear war. You..DO NOT…KILL A KID!! Even Disney knows not to kill of a child character, and these are the people who made murdering people a company past time!!

Just like for entry #2, words don’t do this scene justice, so here’s a vid. Skip ahead to 17:41

If you’re not shaken to your core after watching that tragedy, then something messed up with you!!

OK! This post was rather dark, wasn’t!? I’ll try to lighten the mood a bit with my next post. I’m NEETaku and this was Just…My 2 Cents!!

10 thoughts on “Top 6 Most Uncomfortable Anime Moments

  1. Dude, I laughed so hard at #4! You are so right that scene was thrown in just for the shippers and I still laugh about it to this day!

    “…crotch to face interactions is a line NO ONE should ever cross!!” LMFAO

    You’ve done it again with yet another awesome post!!

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  2. […] Top 6 Most Uncomfortable Anime Moments– This post comes from NEETaku from Just… My 2 Cents! I absolutely love this blogger’s posts, they are always full of so much humor and wit that I just can’t help but laugh out loud while reading them. In this post, NEETaku covers six very uncomfortable anime moments from various anime titles, and I can assure each one will have you squirming in your seat! […]

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