3 Up, 3 Down: Ace Attorney

Yup, it’s that time again, folks. Time for me to give you the what’s up on the first 3 episodes of an anime I’ve just watch and let you know whether it’s worth your time. Normally I want to do this with newer shows that are just premiering, but the one I chose for this post has been on the backlog for a while now. So, without further gilding of the lily,  here’s my reaction to the anime: Ace Attorney!

I SWEAR that is the only joke I’m making


Now…for those of you who aren’t of this anime, or the bazillion games that this show was based on, kindly jump in front of the next bus that passes by so I don’t have to dirty my hands doing it. But, if you just HAVE to have a synopsis of the plot…

Based on the first two video games in the series, Ace Attorney takes place in an alternate world where the court system has been changed to the point where trials held in first instance courts must reach a verdict within three days. Phoenix Wright is a rookie defense lawyer who works under his mentor, Mia Fey. When Mia is suddenly murdered, Phoenix befriends her younger sister Maya, a medium-in-training with the power to call on the spirits of the dead. Joined by Maya, Phoenix heads up the Wright & Co. Law Offices and stands up to defend his clients in court, often butting heads with the ruthless prosecutor Miles Edgeworth.

Get it? Got it? GOOD!!

When I did my first 3 Up, 3 Down with My Hero Academia I used a pros/cons sort of deal to explain the show’s strengths and weakness. This time, and from now on, I’m going to take a different route and tell what I found to be the Good (Best aspect of the show), the Bad (Sort of minor nitpicks) and the Ugly ( Show’s worst aspect) parts of it. Afterwards, I will tell you whether recommend it or not. Now, let’s get started!

The Good


What most people, including me, want most out of any adaptation is for it to stay true to the source material and include changes that make sense. And so far, Ace Attorney does just that. Granted it’s only been 3 episodes, but so far the anime is a word for word repeat of the first Phoenix Wright game. Of course some dialogue was changed but it’s basically just watching the game in animated form.

On top of that, much of the music for the show was pulled from the games as well, much to my delight. And while the opening theme is some generic schlock, the ending theme is friggin’ amazing! I don’t know who the vocalist is, but she has a powerful voice! Definitely adding it to my anime music playlist!

The Bad


I’m not sure exactly why they went with it, but the tone of the show seems a bit too kiddie or light-hearted. I know the games had their fair share of comedy and light moments, but the majority of the cases had to do with murder. I wasn’t expecting something serious like Hellsing or whatever, but it just seems like they are trying to gear the show more towards a younger audience.

Another nitpick I have would be the use of the original Japanese names. I know, I know…stupid Westerner. Forgive me for playing the game in a language I understand! It’s just so jarring not hearing Phoenix being called Phoenix or Edgeworth being called Edgeworth. Again, nothing series ruining. It just takes some getting used to. Something I’ll get used to, however, would be…


The Ugly


The tone of the show isn’t the only thing that the show feel geared towards a younger demographic. The animation also feels like something more akin to Yokai Watch. Just take a look at a screen shot from the game compared to the anime:

Just seems off…

Plus, Phoenix sounds like he should still be in high school, and Maya sounds, and looks, like a friggin’ 5 year! I myself have never really been bothered by the whole ” squeaky/mousey” voice female characters in anime, but Maya’s voice is just…ugh!! Plus, she’s firggin 17 and Mia is 27! How the heck does one look sooo much older than the other?! NO ONE’S APPEARANCE CHANGES THAT MUCH IN 10 YEARS!!


But, the biggest fault of the show so far is the portrayal of Redd White. More specifically, it’s the fact that he’s an Engrish user. And when I say it gets old fast, It gets old…RRRRREEEEEEAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLY FAST! I’ve done my research, folks! There are tons of Japanese voice actors that speak English. Sometimes they speak it better than most people in North America. So, how is it that NONE of them are ever hired to do parts that require English to be spoken?! Every time he speaks it’s like a drill going in one ear, another drill going in the other one and their meeting in the middle!!!

Never…EVER…speak again!!

So, after considering the Good, Bad and Ugly parts of the first 3 episodes of Ace Attorney, would I recommend it other people? Survey Says:

Oooo…the Majin Buu Thumbs Down. Tough Break


Look, the show itself isn’t that bad so far. If you just come across it without any knowledge of the game it’s base don, you might enjoy it quite a bit. However, being a fan of the video games will hinder your enjoyment of the anime. Watch it if you really want to. Just make sure to keep your expectations low.

I’m NEETaku and that’s Just…My 2 Cents!!



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