NEETaku Rants: The State Of Anime

What’s that word people throw out when some random SJW pops their head out of the snow and starts tearing into something they dislike? Oh yeah… Triggered. This post is basically going to be me giving a knee jerk reaction to something that I saw online just got under my skin. So.. Yeah… You’ve been warned.

The exits are…

So I was just blindly checking the news feed thingy on my Facebook when I came across an article talking about Funimation dubbing an anime series that just debuted this Fall. Naturally I clicked on it to see what shows they had just got licenses for. And you know what the first anime I saw was?





Once again, Funimation, you show yourselves to be a festering, putrid, money hungry cesspool that was once a great dubbing company. With all the fantastic, well written and thought-provoking series you had a choice of this season, you chose the anime that’s about chicks fighting with their butts!!



It’s things like Funimation selling out to the otakus like this that really makes me think just how much the world of anime changed. Gone are the days of it just being a niche hobby that people were somewhat ashamed of saying they enjoyed. Now anime is everywhere and in almost everything, which is not necessarily a good thing. Everyone who’s anyone wants a piece of the pie now, regardless of the means they take to get it.

So, given how much I rant and rave about the more modern series and goings on of the anime world, I can honestly say that the state of anime as it stands right now is…


Look I’m not one of those old anime coots constantly looking through rose-colored glasses who thinks everything anime related beyond the year 2005 is utter dreck. Nor am I one of these hollow headed, walking talking brain farts who think everything modern is so much better than anything from the past could hope to be. As far as I’m concerned, the state of the anime industry is just fine. It’s Golden Age has most certainly died out, but I don’t think it’s popularity has tanked as much as people would have you think.

That being said, there are more than a few trends that have managed burrow their way into the creative process of anime that have both tainted and hindered the enjoyment of the majority of people, myself included. Again, nothing earth shattering or anything. Just a few pet peeves that have been gnawing at me for quite a while now. The most notable of them being…


The Mass Production of Anime

9 times out of 10, whenever a company starts being more concerned about profits rather than the product, the quality of said product will most certainly suffer. And with people wanting more and more anime each everyday, shows are being shipped out by the dozens every season, much to the detriment of the industry IMO. I truly thought it was just me getting older and wanting something that I liked as a teen to stay the same for nostalgic reasons, but that’s not the case. The constant onslaught of new anime shows had stymied the creativity of studios and thus left us with mostly generic byproducts.

Can you really tell the difference?

So NEETaku, you say, you’ve isolated the “problem”, what’s your solution?

Well, the answer’s pretty simple, guys: STOP MAKING SO MUCH ANIME!!

Do we really need 4 seasons chock full of 15+ new anime series, on top of the other 20 that are continuing on from the previous ones? No, we don’t. Just look at how much crap Samsung is dealing with their newest contraption. Mass production does nothing but cheapen things and cause problems. There needs to be some sort of relief period to allow creativity to flow again. The world won’t end if we go a couple of months without something new to sink our teeth in.

On the subject of creativity…

Stop Relying On Tropes!!


Before you grab your pitchforks and stab my to death, I’m not saying that there’s absolutely no creativity to be found in modern anime series. I’m simply stating the obvious, folks. Studios have become too reliant tropes and clichés when it comes to making a show. They same type of character/themes can be found in a good portion of shows nowadays. There’s no real distinction between studios anymore. Everything just seems to run altogether and look the same.

Maybe this is just a cycle that the industry is going through. Maybe sometime on the near future some new series will break through the monotony and truly blow our minds away. One can only hope.

Let me know what you think of the current state of anime today in the comments below. I’m NEETaku and this was Just… My 2 Cents!

14 thoughts on “NEETaku Rants: The State Of Anime

  1. I haven’t had a post make me laugh in a long while it was when I got to bit of funmation announcing some new dubs…. and it’s the butts one then hades gif brilliant sir. I will be doing my own post on this topic as it has been talked about on youtube and here I’ve seen lately. I agree studio’s pumping out shows for the sake of money, obviously they need to make money but you want it to look like they took pride in what they created, that’s what’s frustrating people. Anime has taken a turn for a while now I saw the change since last year, having more than 10 seasonal show is a huge thing now and I agree having so many make it looked like, they were pumped out for the sake of it. My interest in checking out seasonal shows has died away a little any show I wish to check out now I wait till it’s fully aired then binge watch it. I don’t believe anime has lost it’s spark but I agree with some of the things you said in your post but awesome post ~!!

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  2. I kind of feel anime has just become like most forms of entertainment. Novels do the same thing where supernatural romances becoming popular for a time. First vampires saturate the market, then fallen angels, and then we move on to all the dystopian literature you can choke on. The thing is, by producing masses of them, most people can find at least one thing they like and if the flavour of this year isn’t your thing, next year something new will be out and you might find something that works for you.
    That said, I really want to turn anime trope bingo into a game while doing a binge watch with friends. I think that could be fun.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    • But therein lies the problem. Studios try to do the trendy thing in order to get fans/money rather than make great shows. Not saying everything needs to be as epic as a Fate/Stay Night, but there should be don kind of differentiation between the shows that come out.

      Also, Anime Trope Bingo is definitely something i want to do with a group of friends.

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  3. Hades gif made this super hilarious LMAO
    I do understand where you’re coming from tho, I do think they’re pumpin too much. I have heard, through a little bird, that they’re going to start producing less anime actually, so I hope they take their time and rest, for the animators sake too!

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    • Those gifs are going to become my trademark. XD

      I do hope that little bird is right. They need to give anime creators more time to put things together. It’ll benefit everybody in the end


  4. Amusing *and* pointed! Love it! 🙂

    I actually didn’t recognize that first picture, but that would be because I took one look at the premise of that anime and passed right by it. Completely forgot about it. When you explained it, though, I was like, “Oh, noooo! Not THAT one!” In short: agreed.

    I can name a *very* small handful of new anime that I’ve enjoyed. It’s been depressing to see, season after season, so many anime come out, with such obvious time and effort put into them, yet so few are worth watching! And yes, the tropes have all been done to death. I think I might, just for the heck of it, keep a copy of the bingo board, and use it for some of my reviews! 🙂

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