NEETaku Goes Off Topic: Why Do People Walk Up Escalators?

Much like one of my favorite comedians of all time, Mitch Hedberg, a lot of my comedy from this most people either take for granted or just never pay attention to. One of my favorite jokes from him was about escalators, which your can read down below:


Naturally after hearing that particular joke, I started looking at escalators in s different light before. And an annoying thing that I┬ánoticed while I was re-examining them was that, at least in my experience, a lot of people tend to walk up/down escalators rather than just riding them. And I just… don’t…get it. Whether it’s in a mall, an office building or using public transportation, almost everyday I see at least one person traipsing up/down them as if they can’t grasp the concept of automatic stairs.

You’re doing it wrong!

Walking places sucks. Walking up stairs sucks even more. So, any chance I get to take the elevator or an escalator I’m going to use it. I don’t need some no neck mouth breather who thinks their time is more precious than mine making feel lazier than I already do! Is there never a time to rush up an escalator? No. If you’re in a rush of some kind, like I’ve been before, then by all means rush up it. Or.. You know…. take the regular stairs! You running up the escalator isn’t going to get you upstairs faster than running up the non moving ones!


And you know what ticks me off even more than people running up/down escalators? People who run on moving walkways in airports! What’s the rush?! The floor is LITERALLY moving for you! Someone actually wasted time inventing a way for the ground beneath you to move so you don’t have to, and you’re still choosing to use your own legs?! I.. I…


If you’re not going to use it right, don’t just out at all! Or, if you’re still not going to use it right, at least have some fun with it. Like these guys are:

Now that’s more like it! I’m NEETaku and that’s Just… My 2 Cents!!

6 thoughts on “NEETaku Goes Off Topic: Why Do People Walk Up Escalators?

  1. I always walk on escalators. Usually because there aren’t stairs provided and standing still on a moving object makes me quite ill. I know a number of people with this issue. At the airport though there’s always space to walk around the moving walkways and I’m happy to give them the miss.

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