NEETaku Rants: Men Like Romance Too, Anime Companies!!!


That’s all guys care about right? Manly things that make them grow beards and hair on their chests!! RRRAWAGGRGHHH…


Seriously, Japan! The 90s were 2 decades ago! Even we in America have finally stopped relying on such cookie cutter clichés when it comes to creating/promoting forms of media. Not all girls play with dollies and have tea parties, and not all guys dread the very thought of watching/reading things that are heavy on the romance. Contrary to popular belief, we have progressed quite a bit from those archaic times. So why is that even now most anime geared towards a male audience tend to shy away from romantic elements as if guys would stop watching just cause a dude got all kissy kissy goo goo?

The biggest offender when it comes to this sort of shortsighted mindset would be the Initial D anime/manga. Throughout many of the male characters, especially the main one, get into various romantic situations that ALL end up coming undone and leaving them to believe that ” racers don’t need girls”. They’d only distract them from their goals of being the best driver there is!


Such a mindset might have made sense given just how intense Takumi and the gang act when it comes to racing….IF THERE WEREN’T VARIOUS EXAMPLES OF RELATIONSHIPS WORKING OUT IN THE SAME DANG ANIME!!!


Seriously, there are like…at least 3 times throughout the series where male racers are shown to have girlfriends and they are still just as absorbed in racing as ever! So…why did the creators of Initial D have Takumi go through that crap with Natsuki, and WHY did they do Iketani so dirty!!? All the dude wanted was to be in love with a girl who was just as crazy about cars as he was! She even offered up her virginity, for crying out loud!!

But no…they forced some of the craziest shenanigans to occur and fed the crappy line about racers and women previously stated. Which, again, doesn’t even make sense even in the show’s own universe.

You poor, unfortunate soul!

Look, I get that certain stereotypes exist for a reason. I also understand that most dudes only watch romcoms and stuff just to decide what new body pillows and models they are going to buy when they go out. But, like me, there are a tons of men who like a good romance as much as any woman would. Stop treating us like cavemen, guys! We need a little sugar to go with our over-sized turkey legs. A romantic series geared for the male audience, that doesn’t pander to stereotypes,  would do gangbusters! Just give us a chance!

I’m NEETaku and this was Just…My 2 Cents!!

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