Top 6 WTH Moments In Anime

We’ve all experienced at least of these. You’re sitting there having become fully engrossed, and emotionally invested, in the latest anime series you’ve picked up. And then all of a sudden…


Something, whether good or bad, happens that just blows your mind and leaves you looking just like this:


And today I’m going to list 6 of those moments that have left my mind more scrambled than a game of BOGGLE!!




AHEM! Let’s just get the countdown started.


#6 Goku Going Super Saiyan For The 1st Time

Oh crap! Frieza’s not dead! And what’s worse, he’s just pierced Piccolo through his heart, and exploded Krillin! What are we going to do, Goku?! What are we….why do you look so extremely pissed off right now, Goku….


Every jaw across of America that belonged to a young kid collectively hit the floor when the mild-mannered Goku unleashed the shout heard round the world and turned Super Saiyan for the first time. Even though we had been given hints to it, none of us knew exactly what to expect from this sudden transformation. All we knew was that Goku had gone completely nuts and was about to go on a rampage to avenge his fallen friends. And we were ALL ONBOARD for that roller coaster ride!!


#5 Matrix Boobs (Highschool of the Dead)

– Rubs temples.-

Ughhhh….so many eyes have been rolled at the mere mention of this scene from High School of the Dead. As if the fact that another chick’s breasts were being used to offset the recoil on a friggin’ sniper rifle, SOMEHOW the creators of the show think we’re supposed to just blindly go along with the idea of some crazy, sword wielding chick is capable of individually moving each of her boobs to dodge a bullet fired from said rifle!! I know, I know…it’s animated. The laws of physics don’t really apply..DON’T GIVE ME THAT!! I have a high threshold for suspending my disbelief, but even I call shenanigans of THIS!!


#4 The Real Bout High School Anime

Back in high school a buddy of mine let me borrow a manga entitled Samurai Girl: Real Bout High School. And after that, me and him got to be reaaally close. While it’s not the greatest manga ever written, it had enough great action and suspense to make me shell out 60 bucks for the 4 DVD box set of the anime created for it. And what did my 60 dollars get me, you ask?


You wanna know why I despise fanservice so much?! THIS IS THE REASON!! They took a well written and well drawn manga and basically turned it into an even worse version of Ikki Tousen, as scary as that sounds!! Instead of just mirroring the manga like most companies, they went out of their way to add an unnecessary fantasy plot that made no sense and butchered every well liked character from the manga. I had never been more disappointed in my life, and to this day can’t even read the manga without thinking back to this schlock!! UUUUGGGHHHH!!!


#3 The King Punch ( One Piece)

Forget Saitama. Elizabello II is the real  One Punch Man! Get it? Huh..? HUH..?


Talk about throwing me for a loop! I honestly thought that Elizabello was just a weakling who was only there as a literal figurehead while his soldiers fought in the tournament. Color me friggin surprised when he unleashed this bad boy!!


SHHEESH!! Never judge a book by its cover, folks. Especially when said book can level an entire coliseum and destroy a literal mountain man! This is one King you will never checkmate!!

#2 Boob Car (Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi)

Do I REALLY need to build up this entry in any way, shape or form? It’s a car…that is totally made up of breasts!!


Okay, I misspoke. It’s not a car made up of breasts. It’s actually a car made up of 2 hot chicks and one fugly, decrepit cross dresser that who somehow turned into a car up of breasts! As crazy as Abenobashi had been up to that point, this was the moment in which I threw up my hands and cried loud “I’m DONE!!”. Nothing else need be said. Boob Car.


#1 Kirito Breaking SAO


Let’s be honest folks, 20% of the crap Kirito gets from critics and fans alike is underserved. The other 80%, on the other hand, he has more than brought himself simply by existing! I don’t care how much of a computer whiz he’s SUPPOSED to be, how, in the H E DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS, was be able to hack SAO to bring back Yui?! The creator of the game created a friggin artificial intelligent being by accident and we’re supposed to believe some wannabe emo shut-in is better at computers than him?


And for what reason did Kirito essentially break the game for? So he could continue playing house with Asuna? Heaven forbid if we had to slog through the rest of the show without the second Loli member of the Kirito harem of competent females who all collectively decided to drink bleach after they meet the guy! What more is there to say except “What THE HECK?!”.

Got any series breaking events that either enhanced or ruined said series for you? Feel free to share the comments below. I’m NEETaku and this was Just… My 2 Cents!








13 thoughts on “Top 6 WTH Moments In Anime

  1. You have no idea how much I love your posts. I could not stop literally LOLing. You are brilliant. Please never stop blogging. You are like all my favorite sub reddits combined into one amazing package.

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