5 Stages Of Watching Harem Anime

To properly enjoy this post, think back to your favorite harem anime’s ending. :3



Stage One: Denial


Me: “Nope, nope! This isn’t how the show’s gonna end. I’m sure things will turn out differently in the second season… He’s still with her!?”


Stage Two: Anger


Me: “How could be pick that weak kneed, mumbling, bumbling goody two shoes?! ALL she had going for her was the Pity Card! Oh woest me! I’m sick and can’t do stuff for myself cause I’m stuck in bed.. blah blah… BLAH!”

Stage Three: Bargaining


Me: “Okay, Key & Kyoto Animation, here’s the deal: You let Tomoyo and Tomoya hook up, and I’ll give Kanon a try. How does that sound, hmm?! <333”


Stage Four: Depression



Stage Five: Acceptance


Me: “You know what? I’m okay with this. I’m sure Tomoyo will find a decent guy for herself, and Nagisa might grow on me over time. They gave us a decent OAV, so I can live with them not hooking up in the series.”

Still not watching Kanon though. :3



3 thoughts on “5 Stages Of Watching Harem Anime

  1. […] 5 Stages Of Watching Harem Anime– This post comes from NEETaku from Just… My 2 Cents! It’s no secret that I hate harem anime with a passion, in fact I can only remember really liking one. Harem anime are a bit of an acquired taste for most folks in the anime community, either you really enjoy them or you absolutely hate them… In this Five Stages of Grief parody post, NEETaku attempts to outline the five emotional stages people experience while watching harem anime. This is a hilarious post and must read for anime fans in search of a good laugh! […]

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