NEETaku Asks: Why Do They Follow This Chick?!



Head’s pounding, throat feels like I just ate a box of gravel and my nostrils keep swapping between who wants to be stuffed up! So, needless to say, I’m not in a particularly good mood. And what better way to help her through the doldrums of the common cold than by letting loose a long over due rant!

Me right now

There’s often this one question that pops up in my head whenever I watch an anime of any kind that involves either a team or group: Why do they follow this person? In certain situations, mostly shounen battle shows, the answer’s pretty obvious:

  • The Z warriors follow Goku cause he has a good heart and can kick their butts
  • The Straw Hats follow Luffy cause he has a good heart, and he can kick their butts
  • The Devil Bats from Eyeshield 21 follow Hiruma because they respect him…. And he’ll make their lives a living hell of they don’t


For the life of me, I CANNOT understand why the Sailor Scouts follow Serena/Usagi. When I sit back and actually think about it, the only logical argument I can think of is that she’s the Moon Princess. But even that’s weak reason given that basically All of the Senshi are princesses!! Since when does royalty bow down to other royalty!??

Seriously… Why is she the leader?

Serena’s former life notwithstanding, she literally has ZERO qualities they would lead people to think she’d be an effective leader. She’s the animated embodiment of the “dumb blonde” stereotype. She’s selfish to an extent, clueless, whiny, arrogant, ignorant and cares more about shopping than getting good grades! And that’s me being nice, folks! On top of that, she’s HORRIBLE in a fight, which is friggin mind-boggling given fighting is mostly what she does every episode. She’s basically as useful as the guy wearing the red shirt in an episode of Star Trek. Mars shoots fire from her fingers. Jupiter controls lightning and nature. Venus can shoot frickin lasers!!! And why does Sailor Moon have?


A tiara. A stupid tiara!! The demons they fight on a daily basis can survive fire, lightning and lasers, yet what ultimately does then in is a party accessory?! IN WHAT UNIVERSE DOES THIS MAKE SENSE?!!!!

Before you guys jump on me for being too hard on little ol Serena, let me remind you to even her own teammates don’t have any real respect for her. Don’t believe me? Here’s some proof:




When as big a pacifist as Sailor Mercury is slaps the taste out of your mouth, you KNOW you’ve got issues! And speaking of the other scouts, isn’t Venus technically their leader? How come she isn’t the one leading the troops into battle with a monster attacks? Why isn’t she the one getting the final shot in a fight? She’s WAY more capable than Serena, as are ANY of the other scouts outside Rini and Hotaru. Ugh… It’s so frustrating!!!!

Anyway, that’s all I got for now. Need to get back to dealing with this cold of mine. I’m NEETaku and this was Just.. My 2 Cents!




5 thoughts on “NEETaku Asks: Why Do They Follow This Chick?!

  1. I seem to have come down with something as well and it has totally killed my productivity in the last two days. We’ll get through it together, brother.

    It’s been a while since I’ve seen this series too, so forgive me if I make any errors. The reason Serena/Usagi is the leader has to do with the the competing personalities of the human psyche. The triumph of the Id, represented by Usagi over the ego and superego, represented by-

    Yeah, who am I kidding. She’s the princess. That’s the only reason. Venus has had her powers the longest (in the current incarnation of scouts), but that doesn’t matter. It’s shojo, but the worst kind of shojo, where being a stereotype of a girl makes you the best. As long as you have the power of LOVE.

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  2. LMAO I absolutely love this series and nostalgia behooves me to defend Usagi and all that she stands for with all the power of the Moon etc. etc… but, you make some very valid points that even a super fan like me can’t and won’t argue with lol

    In the 90’s series Usagi can be summed up in two words, “Annoying crybaby”, the manga on the other hand handles her character development much, much, MUCH better! She actually grows out of that annoying whiny phase fairly quickly and becomes a bit of a badass… and to an extent Sailor Moon Crystal does a pretty good job of holding true to the manga version of Usagi, but she still has her moments…

    *waves hand* Anyway, enough of that, the fact remains that your post as always had me rolling!

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