NEETaku Rings In The New Year!!





Man, did 2016 ever suck!! Everything that did go right last year was heavily overshadowed by everything that went wrong!! But…that was LAST YEAR and THIS is a new one. And given the crap storm that was 2016, it ALL UPHILL FROM HERE, BABY!!

I suppose this is the time where I lay out some New Year’s resolutions. Some high and lofty goals that I set for myself in the hopes the hopes of bettering myself and the world around me. And while there are a bunch of personal things I need to work on, right now I’m focusing solely on the future of my blog. So let’s get this list started:

Website Overhaul


I don’t when it’ll exactly happen, but some time in the near future I’m going to give this place a major overhaul. I plan to make more flashy looking and easier to navigate. It may entail me shelling out a few bucks to WordPress, but I think it’ll be worth it for all my loyal followers.


A Set Posting Schedule

You don’t have to say it, folks. I’m lazy, a perpetual procrastinator and all around forgetful. I should’ve made waaay more posts this past year, but horribly dropped the ball. But no more, folks! I plan put the “Scheduling” feature on here to good use and put out at least 2 posts a week. Most likely they will be typed on the weekends and show up on Tuesday and Thursday. And, if I’m feeling the I mood, I might throw a 3rd post out.


Possible Podcast?


This is something I’ve contemplated for a while now and, with Podtaku having ended, I feel like it might be a serious possibility. I would want it to be the same format as Podtaku in that it would star between 3-4 people talking about predetermined topics and the latest anime series we’ve been watching. I seriously would love to get something like this going, and would love for anyone wanting to do it as well to leave a note down below.

That’s all for now, I guess. Have a happy and safe New Years, everybody!!!

I know this technically a Christmas pic, but you get my point!!


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