Would I Date Her? – Tsunderes

Aww yeah, baby! I promise you guys something special, and special these next few posts most certainly will be!! If you couldn’t tell by the title, the next series of posts will center around the most popular of the “Dere” tropes and whether or not I’d personally waste money taking them out to the movies/Red Lobster.

Wait…is Red Lobster even that popular anymore? Don’t really even see commercials for them all that much. Huh…

Anyways!! I’m starting this thing off with a bang and tackling the most frequently used of the “Dere” tropes: The Tsundere! Or…as most people tend to call it,
The It’s Not Like I Like You, Baka! chick.


Or..the ” I’d totally confess to the guy I have a crush on if I didn’t constantly run him over with my menstrual cycle” chick (please don’t be offended, ladies).


Yeah…if there’s one thing tsunderes are most known for, it’s their penchant for dueling out punishment to the people the “love”. There’s rarely an episode that goes by in any anime where some poor schmuck isn’t being cold cocked by a right hook, or being railed on with a giant fan by this crazy broad. But…they do it out of LUV!! Cause nothing says ” I Love You” more than physical abuse, right guys?


As prickly as tsunderes are on the outside, they actually have a rather sweet center. It’s no coincidence that most tsun chars are in their teens. Everything is awkward around that age, especially when romance and the opposite sex is involved. Some girls just deal with boys a lot better than others and aren’t prone to tombstone piledriving them into the dirt when they come around and make them blush.

So, given all of that, would I actually date a tsundere char?

Thought it was going to be another gif, didn’t you? B3

Look, for all the beatings that they dish out, tsunderes are really just shy chicks who don’t really know how to express they feelings. And as a dude who 90% of the time never had the balls to ask a girl out, I can TOTALLY relate to them. Asking someone you’re head over heels for out on a date is nerve-wracking and down right scary. And when you are able to pierce that shell of theirs, tsuns can turn out to be some of the sweetest, most loving people you’ll ever come across. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that most tsunderes are tomboys, and we all know I love me some tomboys. <33

So go ahead, guys! Go ahead and ask that little tsundere you know out for a bit of Netflix and chill. Just..be sure to where some headgear should they say “no”.

POW!! Right in da kissah!!

I’m NEETaku and that was Just…My 2 Cents!!


9 thoughts on “Would I Date Her? – Tsunderes

  1. I like anime tsunderes but they can get annoying when overdone. Although I’m more excited when it comes to yanderes. They’re so crazy that I love to hate them and hate to love them. Good post.


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