Would I Date Her? – Yanderes

When I was researching for my post on Tsunderes a particular phrase kept popping up in my head: ” It could be worse”. No matter how annoyingly stubborn, bull-headed and random tsuns can be, at LEAST you know there’s a line that they will never cross. And you’re also aware that no matter how much they physically assault you, there’s always something darker lurker in the wings…

That thing, my fellow anime watchers, is the Yandere. Or, as I like to call them…

The Butcher with a Smile!!

Popularized by the ending of School Days, and taken to the next level by Mirai Nikki’s Gasai Yuno, the yandere is every psychotic stalker chick ever put to film/animation with her dial perpetually turned up to 11!! If you looked up the word schitzo in the dictionary, this chick’s face would be plastered right next to it!! But the scariest part about a yandere isn’t how ultra violent she is. It’s the fact that you’ll never…ever..see it coming. As skilled as they are in cutting people to shreds, they are equally, if not more, skilled at presenting themselves as an everyday, innocent school girl. You could literally date this girl for weeks and never be aware of the killer instinct that lies behind that sweet smile of hers…until it’s too late.

The calm before the storm…


Look at another girl with a tsundere and she will punch you through a wall. Look at another girl with a yandere, and that girl DIES!!! And it’s not like you piss her off and that’s that once the girl is gone. Once she’s triggered, a yandere STAYS triggered! Every waking moment you share with her after the monster is released will be like walking on eggshells on top of thin ice. The slightest bit of pressure and BOOM!! That sweet piece of arm candy that was once clinging to your arm has now become a whirlwind of fury & murder that will only cease when every threat to her love for you is no longer breathing. You’re basically dating a pit bull that was raised knowing only two things: Showing love and disposing of all threats to said love.

Now, considering just how much of a murderous powder keg a yandere is capable of being, would I date her?


For as crazy as a yandere can be, there’s actually one person who is safe from all her murderous intent: You. What is she obsessed with? You. Who is she willing to literally build a mountain of bodies for? You. Who’s head will never be on the chopping block when she snaps and goes on a rampage? Y..O..U!! You are the center of a yandere’s universe. Her entire existence revolves around you being her lover. Every breath she takes is meant to be used for making your life as great as possible. As scary as that sounds, I would gladly welcome living as a stalker’s puppet as opposed to being one of her victims. Not even that close, folks.

I’m NEETaku and that’s Just..My 2 Cents!!

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